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Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Check me out! I am big pimpin’ round the fleet, blasting some Lil Wayne, doing the gangsta lean in my brand new ride. Saturday night I got my first SOA kill and we saw the Tirsa Elite mount drop for the first time even though it was the guild’s second SOA kill. Somehow, I rolled a 94 and won it. SQUEEEE!!!

Let me repeat that. On my first kill, I won the mount. Of course, when I was googling it a few minutes ago to make sure I spelled the name right, I noticed quite a few pages where it was mentioned this has a fairly high drop rate so I suppose if it’s not super rare, I shouldn’t be so excited. BUT I AM ANYWAY.

In other news, my 3 Month Update – Blog Post Roundup has been updated with a couple of new links that have found their way to me since Friday.

Oh Hey, A New Post

I apologize for the sudden slow-down here guys. I chalk it up to an odd combination of being suddenly busy at work combined with having the lazy winter blues. Honestly I don’t even have any post ideas in my head at the moment. So instead I give you – random screenshots! Lucky you.

I loved, loved, loved all the neon lights in Nar Shaddaa

A wookiee playing percussion – is there anything cooler?

Inside an ice cave on Hoth

ZOMG, it’s Yoda. Except it’s really not him. But it’s totally Yoda.

Scene from Voss, one of my favorite planets

My level 50 speeder

Kristalys kicking ass and taking names

Day 14: Level 25 and A Shiny New License to Fly

Yesterday I finally hit 25 and got to take my Longspur STAP Hoverbike out for a spin. Of course that was after I ran all over the place trying to figure out where to train and then dishing out a cool 40k credits for the privilege of doing so. By the way, you train for piloting speeders at your normal class trainer. If you need to buy a speeder, you will have to find a speeder vendor. I’ve heard they’re available on most planets and I know that Tatooine is a popular place to purchase speeders, but they are also available back at the fleet if you wanna use your Emergency Fleet Pass and get one as soon as possible.

I happened to be on Nar Shaddaa at the time and my class trainer was conveniently located next to a cargo hold, so I was able to train the ability and then walk like 20 steps over and grab my hoverbike out of storage. And even though I had been sporting the title “the Uncompromising” behind my name, I thought now would be a good time to change it. Of course, unless you click on the pictures to see the larger version, you won’t notice how fitting my newly displayed title is.