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1 Week In And My Companion’s Getting Lazy

So far I have been really good at gaining affection points with my main (at this point) companion Qyzen Fess. I have figured out what companion gifts he prefers and I have learned how he likes the quest dialogue to go so I can gain points with him that way. Every once in a while I’ll get the -1 of shame from him (he doesn’t like me asking for more details about the quest… I guess it wastes his time?), but for the most part we get along just fine and dandy. Until last night when he began showing me a bit of attitude. I first noticed there may be a problem when he started walking slowly behind me instead of running along at the same speed as me. I mean, he was really dragging ass. There were times I would turn around and he’d just be barely be in view. And even though he could see me having to stop and wait for him, he never sped up at all. Just stared me right in the eye as he slowly shuffled towards me.

Then it got to where when I attacked a mob, he would just stand there and watch for a good 10 seconds before finally deciding maybe he’d help me fight. I started out thinking maybe he was just having an off day. Could be he’s just overly tired. I mean, we do spend every night in a cantina; too much drinking and dancing is bound to make anyone sluggish. But then, when I found an archaeology node and asked him to retrieve it for me, I realized he wasn’t just tired… he’s being downright lazy. I ran down a small hill to stand by the crystals and he stayed at the top of the hill and tried to scan the node from there. It didn’t work, he was too far away. But did he move closer? NO. He stood in the same damn spot and just tried to scan it again. And again. And again. I was beginning to think I was going to have to actually bend down and get that shit myself. Not wanting things to get to such drastic measures, I moved past the node, hoping he would move forward with me because he normally likes to be near me. Nope. Lazy bastard didn’t budge. So I move WAAAY forward. Guess who’s still standing at the top of that same damn hill just continuously scanning and being unsuccessful? Yep, my good buddy Qyzen. I got so frustrated, I sent him away on a treasure hunting mission and finally picked up the damn crystal myself.

Cut to 30 minutes later. He seemed to come back from his treasure hunting mission in a much better mood. He was keeping up with me as we made our way around Taris and he was more energetic when helping me fight. So imagine my chagrin when I came across another archaeology node hidden behind a wall and went gleefully running up to it and asked him to hoist it off the ground for me, only to realize he wasn’t standing anywhere near me. And this time he wasn’t even trying to pretend he was interested in scanning the node for me. I sure hope he gets a full night’s rest tonight because if we have this type of communication problem tomorrow, I’m taking him back to the ship and exiling him to his cabin. That boy will be so grounded.