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The One Where I Return To SWTOR

lvl 51

So I don’t know if I ever made this clear anywhere here, but I did not stop playing SWTOR because I disliked the game. It just simply got to the point where it was repetitive for me and there were multiple other games that were keeping me entertained. I didn’t plan on quitting SWTOR, in fact I feel like an ass because I had promised my Snark Side guildies more than once that I would never leave the game and would be subscribed until the day they finally unplugged the last server. Then within a couple of months I had unsubscribed and disappeared. I have no lame excuse for it, it just happened. The guild went through a time where several core members left the game and others were entering a busy holiday season / work schedule so outside of raid nights there was rarely anyone to talk to while logged in. I was tired of staying home to raid on weekends. I wasn’t in love with alting as much as I am in WoW. Blah, blah, etc. etc.

The main point to take away from the above is I NEVER DISLIKED SWTOR. It’s a great game. Does it have bugs and issues? Yes. Does Bioware do a good job with the game? Not as good as they should. Can it be repetitive and grindy? Sure, depending on alting and raiding, etc. Is it fun as hell? Yes. Do lightsabers kick ass? Yes. Are the sound effects some of the best ever used in a game? Yes. Are the cut scenes amazing? Yes. Are you getting the picture here? Of course I had to come back. There’s a new planet to explore after all.

I technically resubbed back in late March and preordered the new content, but I lost all of April to a family emergency so I didn’t get any game time. Everything is now fine, no need to be concerned. I recently got my free time back, got the game all downloaded and updated and was able to login this week. I hadn’t expected my talents to be reset, but of course it makes perfect sense. The first night I logged in I just sat and stared at my skill tree and half cried / half panicked. I couldn’t remember how I used to have it setup. I know some talents have been removed and added, so it would never be the same anyway, but I had always thought I was pretty good at dps’ing with my weird balance build so I couldn’t fathom how I was going to play if I didn’t get it built back correctly. So I logged out and decided I needed to spend some time catching up on SWTOR blogs and forums. Which I did.

Over the weekend I spent a few hours in-game getting my skill tree lined out and wading back into questing by leveling on Makeb. I even got to run a FlashPoint with a couple of guildies which really helped bring my muscle memory right back. I mean, I totally hit some buttons wrong but for the most part it felt pretty natural. I even managed to make it through the flashpoint and then get out to Makeb and level to 51 without dying once. YES! While I am still playing other games and consider WoW my current main game (I’m going to Blizzcon, woot!) I am glad I have found my way back to SWTOR and The Snark Side. I may not be back for 15 hours a week or for raiding, but I will be playing and maybe even blogging again.

IntPiPoMo 2012: Photobombs

With a companion following you around at all times in game, of course this is going to happen:

The One Where I’m Doing It Right

Seriously, if you’re going to spend your time flirting with someone you might as well flirt your ass off.

Red Is My Favorite Color

This is a picture of a Shuttle Pilot for the Republic Transport Service standing next to the shuttle that takes you from the Illum: Republic Orbital Station down to the planet of Illum itself. I want her clothes. SO BADLY. Red is my favorite color and on the Republic side of things there are so few red items. These clothes would totally match my Longspur Blaze. I would be smiling, styling and profiling.

Rakghoul Invasion Screenshots

The Rakghoul Invasion World Event has been a total blast. Other than the fact that I killed the 3 world bosses on Sunday and did NOT get the title, I’ve loved every minute of this infection party. Below are some screenshots I’ve taken of the people and places around the event.

as usual, click to embiggen

Is it sad that I am so amused by the plague parties on the fleet? I find myself standing there just getting infected and dancing til I die. Lol. The simplest things amuse me.

Operations Are Srs Bzns

While we’ve had our share of trouble with bugs, The Snark Side has been doing a damn good job of progressing through Operations since starting them last month. It’s because we have the best group of people ever assembled. True story. Dependable, responsible, mature people who know how to stay focused. Running Ops is serious business and to succeed you have to be surrounded by people who are committed to working hard. There’s no time for goofing off or wasting time or

… wait a minute…

what the hell?


Oh right, I took this picture. Tee hee.

Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Check me out! I am big pimpin’ round the fleet, blasting some Lil Wayne, doing the gangsta lean in my brand new ride. Saturday night I got my first SOA kill and we saw the Tirsa Elite mount drop for the first time even though it was the guild’s second SOA kill. Somehow, I rolled a 94 and won it. SQUEEEE!!!

Let me repeat that. On my first kill, I won the mount. Of course, when I was googling it a few minutes ago to make sure I spelled the name right, I noticed quite a few pages where it was mentioned this has a fairly high drop rate so I suppose if it’s not super rare, I shouldn’t be so excited. BUT I AM ANYWAY.

In other news, my 3 Month Update – Blog Post Roundup has been updated with a couple of new links that have found their way to me since Friday.

This Right Here Is Pure Win

I’m bragging. I’m rubbing this in your faces. I have a customized character icon created by @DiscoPriest from Space Cadets. Kristalys in cartoon form kicks ass. I was lucky enough to win this in an avatar give-away contest held by the Space Cadets website. And I’m very proud of it. Disco, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to create such awesomeness. It’s now my new twitter icon and will soon be used as my avatar in other places.

Nice Try, But You Can’t Fool Me

At first, they fooled me. The first time I ever encountered a slicing node it was on Coruscant and even though it appeared on my mini-map, I could not figure out how to actually gather it. The cursor didn’t change when I hovered over it and it wasn’t clickable at all. I assumed I was doing it wrong or maybe it was too high level for me. After this happened a few more times, I googled it and realized some of the nodes in-game were buggy. By the time I was finished on Coruscant, I was a slicing machine and I learned to watch for the nodes to appear tucked away in corners on the city streets.

Next I went to Taris and quickly realized that footlockers and hyperterminals didn’t always show up tucked away next to buildings and doorways. In fact, they could be sitting behind trees and rocks. As I kept advancing through planets I soon discovered all sort of computers seem to have been randomly abandoned right next to the roadside. All very tricky, but I didn’t fall for the trickery. I kept right on slicing and acquiring money.

But now I see the nodes are trying even harder. THE JOKE’S ON YOU, ICE-COVERED FLOATING COMPUTER. I JUST STOLE ALL YOUR MONEY.

p.s. why do computers contain money?

Ding! My First Level 50 Character

Yep, it finally happened. After all the anticipation and getting delayed over the weekend to wait on rested xp, I finally got some steady playing time in yesterday evening and hit level 50 with Kristalys. I’ve barely scratched the surface of questing in┬áCorellia and I haven’t yet finished my class story, so dinging was a bit more anti-climatic than I expected. I’m just carrying on doing the same thing I’ve been doing this whole time. I think when I’ve finally opened up the dailies and finished my class story it will feel more like I’m at end game. Hopefully I can get that accomplished fairly quickly.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m very excited. I whooped and hollered out loud when I saw the notification pop-up and luckily I reacted quickly enough to grab a screenshot. I’m looking forward to raiding and I’m anxious to start grinding for gear and all that other good stuff. Mostly I’m relieved that I can now relax and work on enjoying the game a bit more. I was really focused so much on just getting to 50 that I started skipping bonus quests and heroics and not even exploring all areas of some planets. Once I get a good grasp of what I need to keep myself raid-ready, I will start working more on my alts and taking Kristalys back through the places I rushed and work on completing more things.