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New To Blogging? Want To Start A Blog? Read this…

Whether you are someone who is thinking of starting a blog, once dreamed of starting a blog, or have recently started a blog, May is a good month for you. Why? Because right now there is a fantastic event going on for the entire month of May called the Newbie Blogger Initiative, also known as NBI. The post I just linked to was written by Syp over on BioBreak and while that is the introductory post from May 1st and includes all the basic information you need to know, be sure to look through the newer posts for even more information about the NBI and for some new blog love and linkage.

There’s even an official NBI Forum that’s already filling up with Question and Answer threads and various other helpful topics. I encourage all of you to register there and begin participating whether you are doing so from the Newbie perspective or as an experienced veteran who is willing to help others. But let me point out that while registering is free, as soon as you fill out your information and hit submit you get 3 or 4 spam/advertising messages trying to get your cellphone number and various other info. So be paying attention and just click the red “PASS” link you will see at the top right of these messages. I have registered this morning, but since I’m neither a noob nor an expert I will likely just lurk and soak in some knowledge. There is always something to learn somewhere.

Now let’s make a deal. Since I have brought this to your attention and since I love to see blogging communities grow, if you start a blog (or have recently started) related to either Star Wars: The Old Republic or World of Warcraft then leave me a note in the comments here or email me at the address you see in that there column on the right side and share your new blog link with me. I’ll add it to my blogroll here if it’s SWTOR related and my WoW blog if it’s WoW related and I will try my best to drum up some traffic for you.

Okay, that’s about it. I don’t know much about the Newbie Blogger Initiative since I just stumbled across it last night, but I recognized it’s a good thing and I knew I needed to share. Which reminds me, I should give a shout-out to Matticus of World of Matticus because I heard about NBI while reading his blog. And speaking of reading Matt’s blog, all bloggers, whether new or otherwise, need to check out his post: Does Your Blog’s About Page Answer These 7 Questions?. He has totally convinced me to do something about my “About” page. But even though he has inspired me, he can’t make me unlazy so I’m sure it will take me a few days.

In closing, I’d just like to say … GET OUT THERE AND START (CONTINUE) BLOGGING!

Friday Link Love – Where To Go For All The Info

Patch 1.2 was a big deal. Like, a REALLY big deal. It included so many things and made so many changes, I’m still discovering stuff. I would like to announce that I have sat down and taken the time to completely analyze every little detail of the patch and can easily explain it all to you.

I would like to announce that, but it would be a lie.

Luckily, you don’t need to wait for me to do so because a) it’s never going to happen and b) it’s already been done. There are some amazing posts out there that can help you, me, and everyone else understand some of the most important things the patch has given us and how they work. I highly recommend everyone check out the following links:

Legacy and Companions from Psynister.
“Today I wanted to talk just a little bit more about companions and how they relate to the Legacy system. I’ll start off by going over what perks exist in the Legacy system for companions and why you would want to unlock them, then we’ll get into how and when you unlock those perks.
I’m also going to talk about companion gifts and how they relate to each of the companions in the game as well as methods you can use to maximize your affection with your companions outside of companion gifts.”

Companion Gifts and Crafting Bonuses for 1.2 from Dulfy
“Hey everyone, with patch 1.2, you can finally gain affection with your annoying ship droid and make him get better at certain crafting skills. I thought this would be a good time to update all the previous companion gift information and add in all the crafting bonuses in one page.”

Reverse Engineering, Fashion, and Set Bonuses After 1.2 by Njessi
“…I’m editing as I find out new things..” – it’s true, she’s totally editing and updating this post continually.

SWTOR Patch 1.2 FAQ’s from Anexxia
“With a Patch as extensive as 1.2 it’s no wonder there are a lot of questions cropping up right out of the starting gate. I’ve started off with the ones I’m hearing most often. Have a question not answered here? Or keep having to answer the same question over and over for guildies? Leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the FAQs!”

Legacy Unlock: Ship Repair Droid by Blackferne at Church of Alvis
“With the Legacy system unrolling with 1.2 there are plenty of perks that people can now get. These range from social emotes to unarmed combat attacks to items you can get for your ship. As I’ve been working hard on crafting as of late I decided to get the ship repair droid.”

Patch 1.2 Flashpoint and Mini-Pet Guides from Mikro at SWTOR Life
“As part of our coverage of the newly released Legacy Patch 1.2 we have compiled two high quality guides that are a must read for any Star Wars: The Old republic player.”

Pretty awesome stuff, right? And there are probably even more pretty awesome links related to patch 1.2 that I haven’t even discovered yet. So pay attention, cause I’m getting ready to pass out some orders. First, seriously go read these amazingly helpful things I have posted above and leave some love and appreciation in the comments section for these blogs. Second, if you know of any other awesome articles about this subject that I haven’t yet discovered, link them here in the comments of this post so I can bring attention to them too.

And remember, the force is with you … always.

3 Month Update – Blog Post Roundup

** Update: new links added to the end of the list

Last week I wrote a post about how things are going for me after 3 months of the game being live. I was interested in seeing how other players felt after 3 months so I proposed it become a community blog topic and encouraged other SWTOR bloggers to write their own 3 month update post. I was very happy to see several of you decided to participate and I have now rounded up all of those post links (that I am aware of) so that I could put them all together here in one spot. I am so excited this happened and I hope that we (as in the SWTOR blogging community) can find even more topics to share and participate in. In fact, right now I’m going to propose that you all start thinking of some good topics you believe multiple authors will have a good feel for and post it as the new community blog topic. Feel free to leave a comment on this post with any ideas if you want and we’ll see if we can get something started.

Now on to the 3 Month Update links (in no particular order):

Three Month Review by Shintar of Going Commando
Three Month Review by Lura of LuraGames
Three Months in Review by Mythbusting at Inquisitive Myths
Three Months In by Njessi of Hawtpants of the Old Republic
Stolen Ideas: 3 Month Review by Targeter of Imperial Intelligence
Three Months: Srs Bznz Edition by Iyeri of Summertime On Hoth
Under The Wire by Alex of A New Dope
Quartered – A three month review by DraconianOne of Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies
Three months later by Lyrestra of The Sith Code
Three month review: SWTOR by Telwyn of GamingSF
Three Months In by Peal at Peal’s Heals
Three Months In a Galaxy Far Far Away by Zahia of One More Alt
3 Months and a Half Later by Lonomonkey of Screaming Monkeys

If any of you are aware of a 3 month update post that didn’t get listed here, please bring it to my attention. I am so thrilled I got this kind of response and I thought all of these posts were so brilliant. I still suck at leaving comments when I visit other blogs and that’s something I need to work on improving, but I truly am reading. I actually discovered a couple of new blogs thanks to this project and I promise I will be updating my blogroll over the weekend to include you guys in it.

So that was fun, right? What’s our next community topic going to be?

Monday Already?

I’m in Ilum. And while it’s not as white and barren as Hoth, it still makes me cold. I’m hoping to get started doing dailies and running flashpoints this week. Real life is draining me right now and we have just started overtime at work beginning today, but I do believe things will begin getting back to normal around here real soon. I apologize for the bit of dust that’s collected here recently, but I know you all know how sometimes these things just happen.

In the meantime, let me point out that I have added a new link to the blogroll over there on the right sidebar. It’s Tanking The Old Republic and was recently brought to my attention. I am still getting hits and comments on my Link Love – Spreading the SWTOR post from last month and I’m glad to see that post ended up being very helpful.

Link Love – Spreading The SWTOR

** UPDATE **

I have had some great comments on this post and have been able to gather a couple of more links to share.

First, let me point out that I made an effort not to procrastinate and I have already updated the sidebar on the right side of my page here to include the complete list of blogs in this post as well as some podcast and fansite (resources) links. Please be sure and check them out.

Second, here are a few more blogs that have been added since I posted this yesterday:
A Lovely Starwar
The Sith Code


Any of you guys ever heard of a little game called World of Warcraft? Yeah, I thought so. I am a WoW player. I haven’t logged in much since SWTOR launched, but it’s not because I’m ready to be done with it. I have an attachment to WoW that I just can’t shake and a lot of that is a direct result of the amazing community presence I found as a small-time WoW blogger. There are just so many amazing people on my WoW feed reader and WoW twitter feed. I still follow them daily even though I’m all wrapped up in Star Wars. A good community can be an invaluable resource to a game. It offers help, experience, opinion, encouragement, theorycrafting, creativity, detailed user guides or even just simple humor.

Today I want to do my part to help the SWTOR community grow and thrive so that it can be a valuable and vibrant part of the game experience. Below is a list of all of the SWTOR blogs I am currently aware of and have added to my feed reader. I have only included the smaller, personal type blogs here and have not included the larger Fan Sites that push out multiple posts a day by multiple authors. Those are still important, but you likely already know about them.

The links below appear in alphabetical order. I encourage everyone to check them all out for yourselves, pass them along to others and even take the time to leave a comment or two. I must admit I have not been taking the time to comment on most of the posts I read, but I will make the promise here today to begin leaving more comments.

Please Note: some of the blogs below are more of a general gaming blog and are not dedicated to only discussing SWTOR.

A New Dope
Button Mashers Of The Empire
Crew Skills
Darth Jedi
Dulfy’s Healing Corner
Faces Of The Ranger
Force Mocha
Gemtrix Networks
Going Commando
Han Shot First
Hawtpants Of The Old Republic
Inquisitor’s Roadhouse
Jasper’s SWTOR Blog … this one is just pure cuteness right here. It’s written by a 6 year old.
Mana Obscura
Mech Healing
MMO Gamer Chick
MMO Melting Pot … has been a great resource for WoW and is now one for SWTOR
MMO Overflow
Moon Over Endor
Peal’s Heals
Psynister’s Notebook
Scary Worlds
Screaming Monkeys
Skeleton Jack
Space Cadets
Summertime on Hoth
Tales From TOR
Taugrim’s MMO Blog
ToR Healbot
The Church Of Alvis
The Consular’s Code
The Land Of Odd
The Meat Shield
The Niquisition
The Snark Side … my guild’s blog
The Stoppable Force
Tobold’s MMORPG Blog

If you are writing or reading a SWTOR blog that I have not yet discovered, please leave me a comment and I will add it to the list and the feed reader. I will also be adding a permanent blogroll list here on this site, but I am a procrastinator and I’d rather be logged in most of the time, so it may take a week or so.

As a side note, you can find me on Twitter at @_kristalys. I need to find more people to follow there also.