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The One Where I Return To SWTOR

lvl 51

So I don’t know if I ever made this clear anywhere here, but I did not stop playing SWTOR because I disliked the game. It just simply got to the point where it was repetitive for me and there were multiple other games that were keeping me entertained. I didn’t plan on quitting SWTOR, in fact I feel like an ass because I had promised my Snark Side guildies more than once that I would never leave the game and would be subscribed until the day they finally unplugged the last server. Then within a couple of months I had unsubscribed and disappeared. I have no lame excuse for it, it just happened. The guild went through a time where several core members left the game and others were entering a busy holiday season / work schedule so outside of raid nights there was rarely anyone to talk to while logged in. I was tired of staying home to raid on weekends. I wasn’t in love with alting as much as I am in WoW. Blah, blah, etc. etc.

The main point to take away from the above is I NEVER DISLIKED SWTOR. It’s a great game. Does it have bugs and issues? Yes. Does Bioware do a good job with the game? Not as good as they should. Can it be repetitive and grindy? Sure, depending on alting and raiding, etc. Is it fun as hell? Yes. Do lightsabers kick ass? Yes. Are the sound effects some of the best ever used in a game? Yes. Are the cut scenes amazing? Yes. Are you getting the picture here? Of course I had to come back. There’s a new planet to explore after all.

I technically resubbed back in late March and preordered the new content, but I lost all of April to a family emergency so I didn’t get any game time. Everything is now fine, no need to be concerned. I recently got my free time back, got the game all downloaded and updated and was able to login this week. I hadn’t expected my talents to be reset, but of course it makes perfect sense. The first night I logged in I just sat and stared at my skill tree and half cried / half panicked. I couldn’t remember how I used to have it setup. I know some talents have been removed and added, so it would never be the same anyway, but I had always thought I was pretty good at dps’ing with my weird balance build so I couldn’t fathom how I was going to play if I didn’t get it built back correctly. So I logged out and decided I needed to spend some time catching up on SWTOR blogs and forums. Which I did.

Over the weekend I spent a few hours in-game getting my skill tree lined out and wading back into questing by leveling on Makeb. I even got to run a FlashPoint with a couple of guildies which really helped bring my muscle memory right back. I mean, I totally hit some buttons wrong but for the most part it felt pretty natural. I even managed to make it through the flashpoint and then get out to Makeb and level to 51 without dying once. YES! While I am still playing other games and consider WoW my current main game (I’m going to Blizzcon, woot!) I am glad I have found my way back to SWTOR and The Snark Side. I may not be back for 15 hours a week or for raiding, but I will be playing and maybe even blogging again.

IntPiPoMo 2012 – SWTOR Edition

IntPiPoMo is an alternative to NaNoWriMo for people who want to challenge themselves but do not have the time, inspiration, desire, whatever, to write a novel. People who participate have a goal of posting 50 screenshots during the month of November. It began last year and I had a lot of fun contributing on my WoW blog and seeing the screenshots posted by the other bloggers who participated. I am gladly doing it again this year over on Elfi’s World with the additional challenge of making myself post every day of the month. But I still play SWTOR and it’s a beautiful game, so it totally deserves to get some screenshot love. I won’t be attempting to post daily here (I’m getting a late start as it is) but I will make sure to get 50 screenshots in here for the month.

We’ll start with some screenshots from the newest Operation in the game, Terror From Beyond. My guild has been farming this in story mode for weeks now so we can gear up some of our alts and new recruits. Everything in SWTOR is pretty. Everything. So I don’t really have anything special to say about these screenshots. It’s not like “this is the prettiest raid” or “this boss is the coolest” because the entire game is full of awesome. Aesthetically speaking, of course. That being said, I do love bright colors so the 3rd boss fight, Operator IX, is one of my all time faves. I call him the “disco boss”. All of the colors, they please me. Even if you’re not familiar with TFB, you should have no problem figuring out which screenshot below is the disco boss.

I do apologize that some of these screenshots show my UI and my guildies. When you’re in a serious business raid you really don’t have the option of saying “everyone stand back and give me 2 minutes to take some screenshots” every 5 minutes. You work with what you get.

Pretty In Pink: SWTOR Edition

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere here before (too lazy to look it up though) but I have a history of being very greedy in games and trying to amass as much money as possible. I really don’t know how this developed. I mean, I love to amass money in real life too, but in video games I collect it and then don’t want to spend it, whereas in real life I spend it all the time on all the things. I would be so much better off if I could switch those two things around; but I digress.

Point is, I logged in the other day and smiled to myself to notice I had finally topped the 1 million credits mark. Then it hit me – I could actually afford to buy the highly sought after (and extremely highly priced) Magenta color crystal for my lightsaber and I could even justify it as a necessary purchase on my road to raid readiness due to the fact it would increase the crit on my weapon by +17. Yay for me!

I was already parked in front of the GTN kiosk selling some of my archaeology materials, so I quickly did a search and purchased one for $395k credits. It did hurt just a bit to let that much money go, but I still had over 700k left and WHO CARES I HAVE A PRETTY PINK LIGHTSABER! Yay for spending money!

Adventures In Lightsabers

Since the game officially launched 10 days ago, I’m going to assume that anyone who may be reading this blog and interested in playing SWTOR has probably already started. Which means I can begin slowly posting things here that I would have considered spoilers a couple of weeks ago. And today, I’m kicking that off by talking about experiencing the moment I got my lightsaber on both my Jedi Consular and my Sith Inquisitor. Both characters received a lightsaber at around level 9 – 10, but the experiences were vastly different.

Let’s start with Kristalys. As she is my main character, I am heavily invested into her storyline and become really excited over the smallest of things. Working my way through the starting planet of Tython, I eventually stumbled into a questline where I began hearing a bit about lightsabers. Soon I was told I needed to journey to the old lightsaber forge for a quest. Somewhere around the same time, I was sent into a cave to extract some sort of crystal. Basically, the story built up the anticipation for my lightsaber. It was being hinted about as my levels increased and I knew it was coming soon. Eventually I made my way to the forge and a really cool cut scene started that played out my lightsaber being created. You can see from the following screenshots, it was a pretty epic experience.

Cut to me leveling my Sith Inquisitor. While I am having fun because I can be a sarcastic asshole to everyone, the way in which Regan gains her lightsaber was completely boring. There was no mention of a lightsaber at all while questing. No little hints about creating one or missions to gather materials. In fact, the whole thing happened suddenly and was very anti-climatic. Basically, I completed some menial task and returned to the Sith Academy to speak with Lord Zash. She told me she was traveling soon to Drommond Kaas and that I should meet her there when I get the chance. And then the next thing I know, she’s tossing me a lightsaber through the air over her desk and saying “this is the lightsaber I had as an apprentice. I want you to have it”. I catch it, light it up and then go on about my business. YAWN!

The lightsaber is a big deal to me; I wanted to play characters that carry one. The Jedi experience was amazing, the Sith experience was disappointing. I wonder why they were so different.