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The One Where I Return To SWTOR

lvl 51

So I don’t know if I ever made this clear anywhere here, but I did not stop playing SWTOR because I disliked the game. It just simply got to the point where it was repetitive for me and there were multiple other games that were keeping me entertained. I didn’t plan on quitting SWTOR, in fact I feel like an ass because I had promised my Snark Side guildies more than once that I would never leave the game and would be subscribed until the day they finally unplugged the last server. Then within a couple of months I had unsubscribed and disappeared. I have no lame excuse for it, it just happened. The guild went through a time where several core members left the game and others were entering a busy holiday season / work schedule so outside of raid nights there was rarely anyone to talk to while logged in. I was tired of staying home to raid on weekends. I wasn’t in love with alting as much as I am in WoW. Blah, blah, etc. etc.

The main point to take away from the above is I NEVER DISLIKED SWTOR. It’s a great game. Does it have bugs and issues? Yes. Does Bioware do a good job with the game? Not as good as they should. Can it be repetitive and grindy? Sure, depending on alting and raiding, etc. Is it fun as hell? Yes. Do lightsabers kick ass? Yes. Are the sound effects some of the best ever used in a game? Yes. Are the cut scenes amazing? Yes. Are you getting the picture here? Of course I had to come back. There’s a new planet to explore after all.

I technically resubbed back in late March and preordered the new content, but I lost all of April to a family emergency so I didn’t get any game time. Everything is now fine, no need to be concerned. I recently got my free time back, got the game all downloaded and updated and was able to login this week. I hadn’t expected my talents to be reset, but of course it makes perfect sense. The first night I logged in I just sat and stared at my skill tree and half cried / half panicked. I couldn’t remember how I used to have it setup. I know some talents have been removed and added, so it would never be the same anyway, but I had always thought I was pretty good at dps’ing with my weird balance build so I couldn’t fathom how I was going to play if I didn’t get it built back correctly. So I logged out and decided I needed to spend some time catching up on SWTOR blogs and forums. Which I did.

Over the weekend I spent a few hours in-game getting my skill tree lined out and wading back into questing by leveling on Makeb. I even got to run a FlashPoint with a couple of guildies which really helped bring my muscle memory right back. I mean, I totally hit some buttons wrong but for the most part it felt pretty natural. I even managed to make it through the flashpoint and then get out to Makeb and level to 51 without dying once. YES! While I am still playing other games and consider WoW my current main game (I’m going to Blizzcon, woot!) I am glad I have found my way back to SWTOR and The Snark Side. I may not be back for 15 hours a week or for raiding, but I will be playing and maybe even blogging again.

I Will Pop A (Toy) Cap In Your Ass

I’m a bad ass Smuggler. Known across the galaxy (or soon will be) for leaving a trail of broken hearts and empty wallets. Always looking out for me. Walking with an attitude. Dressed like a space age biker chick.

Carrying a couple of bright orange Nerf guns….




Bits And Pieces

There are generally 2 reasons why my blog posting will temporarily slow down. One is life is too busy, work is too hard, not enough time in the day, etc. The other common reason is the one I’m currently suffering from… I”m so absorbed into the game that I don’t log out and leave myself enough time to do everything else I need to do.

Thanks to our guild’s very own “Mad Crafter”, Njessi, Kristalys is wearing a lot of augmented orange gear, is in a good routine of doing dailies (though not daily :P), and doesn’t require as much constant attention. Which means I finally get to spend some time working with alts. It’s been a total blast getting back into the amazing storyline questing that SWTOR does so damn well. It’s sucking up a lot of my time. I’m still not a super-fast leveler because I still spend a lot of time gawking around. But it’s keeping me very entertained.

I am also getting comfortable with raiding and don’t spend all day Friday and Saturday freaking out about how I may derp things up. And speaking of raiding, we’ve got a guildie who’s new to raiding who recently hit 50 and is starting to run with us. We also have a new trial member who answered our recruiting call for a healer and HOLY COW SHE LEVELED TO 50 IN 2 WEEKS so she could get in some raiding with us before it’s time to decide on her permanent status with us. So raiding has been a bit more light-hearted recently as we’ve welcomed these noobs into the fold.

During the first Eternity Vault clear with the noobs, our new trial member healer, Graceless, won the big-daddy Caddy that dropped. After we got back to the fleet she and I totally went cruising in style together.

But before we headed back to the fleet we decided to strike a pose and get a screenshot to commemorate the event of the noob’s first clear. I got a little distracted.

The next night, during a joint event with The Church of Alvis, we ran through Karagga’s Palace and all busted up laughing when we rounded a corner to see that Biscotti had ran ahead and lounged himself on a couch in the hallway. I don’t know exactly why it was so funny, but trust me, it was. You can see him in the bottom right corner just chillin.

Last, I started a new Sith Inquisitor on Juyo to take advantage of the Legacy system and I’ve had a lot of fun working with her. This is like the 4th time I’ve leveled a Sith Inquisitor up to the fleet and it’s still a blast every time. Jordynn here is level 14 and she’s a keeper. I can’t wait to see how much more fun the class gets as I keep going.

The end.

Ding! My First Level 50 Character

Yep, it finally happened. After all the anticipation and getting delayed over the weekend to wait on rested xp, I finally got some steady playing time in yesterday evening and hit level 50 with Kristalys. I’ve barely scratched the surface of questing in┬áCorellia and I haven’t yet finished my class story, so dinging was a bit more anti-climatic than I expected. I’m just carrying on doing the same thing I’ve been doing this whole time. I think when I’ve finally opened up the dailies and finished my class story it will feel more like I’m at end game. Hopefully I can get that accomplished fairly quickly.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m very excited. I whooped and hollered out loud when I saw the notification pop-up and luckily I reacted quickly enough to grab a screenshot. I’m looking forward to raiding and I’m anxious to start grinding for gear and all that other good stuff. Mostly I’m relieved that I can now relax and work on enjoying the game a bit more. I was really focused so much on just getting to 50 that I started skipping bonus quests and heroics and not even exploring all areas of some planets. Once I get a good grasp of what I need to keep myself raid-ready, I will start working more on my alts and taking Kristalys back through the places I rushed and work on completing more things.

A Little Bit Of Friday Fun

It’s been a long, rough week at work (not really but that sounds more dramatic; it’s been a pretty typical week at work) and my brain is too zapped to do a lot of witty writing (I know, I don’t write witty even when I don’t have an excuse) so I’m just going to throw a few screenshots at you and maybe type out a caveman sentence or two describing them.

First up, last night = bow chicka wow wow with Lt. Iresso.

Next I wanted to introduce you to my Sith Inquisitor. Her name is Regan and she lives on Drooga’s Pleasure Barge. Just a fun little vacation alt for when I get tired of my Jedi ways and wanna kill people with lightning.

There is something about her that I just absolutely love. I actually think she’s the prettiest of all my characters. Those gray eyes are so piercing.

And though she’s only level 10 and I haven’t logged in with her much at all, some of my best screenshots have come from playing her. The lightning definitely helps. And I love the overload ability too. So here’s a few screenshots of Regan. I hope you enjoy.

I Finally Have A Legacy Name

Finally finished Act 1 last night and got to choose my Legacy name. This was something I had been thinking about for weeks, it became quite a headache. I didn’t want it to just be something silly. I wanted it to sound good with what I name my alts on the same server. I didn’t want it to be a name I pulled from any family or friend. So stressful. Finally I settled on Greyson. That’s actually a name I picked out 10+ years ago for my future little baby boy if I ever have one. At the time I had never heard it, but now it’s gaining in popularity so I’ll have to think of something else. Lol. After the legacy moment was finally here and then over with, I went to the VIP lounge in the Republic Fleet cantina to rock out and grab a drink. I don’t really look too happy in the picture, but I promise I’m smiling on the inside.

I will be changing titles, since the Barsen’thor title actually makes it look like Barsen’thor is my last name. Fail.

Making A Game Of My Morality: The Lightside/Darkside Gamble

During beta, I played a Sith Inquisitor so that I wouldn’t spoil the Jedi Consular story for myself. I had a total blast running around being a snarky asshole in every cut scene conversation. But then I got to a quest where I thought I was being a bad guy by letting the offer of money win me over and instead was awarded 150 lightside points. WTF? So I asked about it in general chat and a few people responded back to me. People were laughing at me that I was surprised by receiving lightside points. That’s when I first learned that you can actually choose to see what the alignment gain would be from each of your possible answers. There’s actually two different settings pertaining to this very thing that can be found under your Preferences / User Interface menu.

By default, it is set to the second option in the list – Show Conversation Alignment Gain On Mouseover. Obviously, this means that if you hover your cursor over each of the possible answers, it will indicate whether the answer gives lightside or darkside points. Choosing the third option on the list, Show Conversation Alignment Gain, will result in a little icon indicating lightside or darkside appearing next to each answer without having to hover over them. If you are interested in knowing how your answer will affect you, this third option is probably going to be the most useful as it will save you some time. Even though mine was obviously on the default second option, I had been choosing my answers by actually hitting the corresponding number key on my keyboard and had simply never hovered over an answer to even notice it would tell me.

When I created Kristalys and first began leveling her up, I made the decision to turn off all conversation hints about lightside / darkside choices and just take a gamble that I could make the right choices on my own. She’s now over 3/4 of the way through level 28 and every cut scene answer she’s ever made has been straight gut instinct from me to try and keep her as lightsided as possible. Part of the reason I decided to level her this way is just the pure adrenaline of it all. It’s kind of fun learning whether the decision you just made was a good decision or not. An added bonus is it really helps me connect to my character and forces me to focus on the story and pay attention to the conversations. I was taken completely by surprise back in beta when I accidentally gained my little bad ass Sith Inquisitor a whole heaping pile of lightside points and I have likewise been surprised to score a few darkside points with Kristalys. Of course, after hearing some of my guildies discuss alignment choices in their cut scenes I am fairly certain there are some instances where every answer is a darkside answer and if you’re lucky you’ll pick the one with the smallest amount of darkside points. As it stands currently, I am doing a pretty darn good job of picking the best options. Here’s what my current alignment looks like.

So what are you guys doing with your character’s morality? Are you using the conversation preferences so that you can always see which choice you should make? Or are you taking a gamble and having fun with the experience like I am? I am also curious to know if you are playing a Republic character but going for darkside points, or an Empire character who’s a good guy. I do understand how the fact that there is lightside / darkside requirements on specific gear could influence how you play your main character. But I would really recommend after you level up, you roll a little alt and turn off those alignment preferences just to see how fun it can be to go through it blindly. I’m having a blast.