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So We Just Transferred Servers….

The Snark Side is no longer on Juyo. In a flurry of activity, we moved yesterday. I have mixed emotions about this. Ultimately, I don’t care what my server name is; but I definitely think things could have been handled differently on Bioware’s end. For one thing, I think they should have provided a list in advance of what servers would be made origin servers and what the corresponding destination servers were going to be for all moves before any transfers started. That way, players on those servers could have mulled it over and prepared. It was not fun hearing transfers would hit some servers but not actually knowing if you were going to be affected until THE DAY it started. Complete panic mode happened. Should we move? Should we move now or wait until after our raid nights this weekend? If we wait, will we miss the window of opportunity? There was more chaos game-wide than there needed to be. There’s no reason we shouldn’t have had a list in advance.

Also, I lost my legacy name. I know a lot of people in the community did; but it really kicked me in the stomach when I realized it happened to me. I spent a long time coming up with the legacy name I wanted and I chose one that gave me an identity. There are players who just use funny names, or band names, or whatever and they probably didn’t mind having to pick a new one. But mine was a last name. One that I wanted my characters to be known by. I tried alternate spellings and those were unavailable too. Which made me realize even if I did come up with an unusual spelling, obviously several people were going to have essentially the same legacy name as me. Ugh. Stress. Rage. Sob.

I’m not going to complain this should have never happened. I understand the reason for filling up servers a bit more. It was nice to be somewhere where there is 10 times the activity there was on our old server. It should help with sales on the Global Trade Network and it will definitely help with finding someone to do a quick heroic with. There are good things about the whole process. But there was also some confusion, extra work guilds had to go through, etc. And again I will state I believe that all could have been alleviated with advance notice. Our server transfer was acted on quickly because we didn’t know what staying behind would mean. Would we be allowed to stay there for 1 week? 1 month? 6 months? Would we have to pay to transfer later? No one knew. Some of our poor guildies came home from work to login and find the guild disbanded. Discussion threads on our forums were happening too fast to keep up.

But the good news is, we’re all together. We didn’t lose any guild bank items or money. So that is good. I’ll likely post more in-depth thoughts on some of the details and specific issues next week. For now, I’m just trying to relax from all the shock and surprise of yesterday.

Bits And Pieces

There are generally 2 reasons why my blog posting will temporarily slow down. One is life is too busy, work is too hard, not enough time in the day, etc. The other common reason is the one I’m currently suffering from… I”m so absorbed into the game that I don’t log out and leave myself enough time to do everything else I need to do.

Thanks to our guild’s very own “Mad Crafter”, Njessi, Kristalys is wearing a lot of augmented orange gear, is in a good routine of doing dailies (though not daily :P), and doesn’t require as much constant attention. Which means I finally get to spend some time working with alts. It’s been a total blast getting back into the amazing storyline questing that SWTOR does so damn well. It’s sucking up a lot of my time. I’m still not a super-fast leveler because I still spend a lot of time gawking around. But it’s keeping me very entertained.

I am also getting comfortable with raiding and don’t spend all day Friday and Saturday freaking out about how I may derp things up. And speaking of raiding, we’ve got a guildie who’s new to raiding who recently hit 50 and is starting to run with us. We also have a new trial member who answered our recruiting call for a healer and HOLY COW SHE LEVELED TO 50 IN 2 WEEKS so she could get in some raiding with us before it’s time to decide on her permanent status with us. So raiding has been a bit more light-hearted recently as we’ve welcomed these noobs into the fold.

During the first Eternity Vault clear with the noobs, our new trial member healer, Graceless, won the big-daddy Caddy that dropped. After we got back to the fleet she and I totally went cruising in style together.

But before we headed back to the fleet we decided to strike a pose and get a screenshot to commemorate the event of the noob’s first clear. I got a little distracted.

The next night, during a joint event with The Church of Alvis, we ran through Karagga’s Palace and all busted up laughing when we rounded a corner to see that Biscotti had ran ahead and lounged himself on a couch in the hallway. I don’t know exactly why it was so funny, but trust me, it was. You can see him in the bottom right corner just chillin.

Last, I started a new Sith Inquisitor on Juyo to take advantage of the Legacy system and I’ve had a lot of fun working with her. This is like the 4th time I’ve leveled a Sith Inquisitor up to the fleet and it’s still a blast every time. Jordynn here is level 14 and she’s a keeper. I can’t wait to see how much more fun the class gets as I keep going.

The end.

Friday Link Love – Where To Go For All The Info

Patch 1.2 was a big deal. Like, a REALLY big deal. It included so many things and made so many changes, I’m still discovering stuff. I would like to announce that I have sat down and taken the time to completely analyze every little detail of the patch and can easily explain it all to you.

I would like to announce that, but it would be a lie.

Luckily, you don’t need to wait for me to do so because a) it’s never going to happen and b) it’s already been done. There are some amazing posts out there that can help you, me, and everyone else understand some of the most important things the patch has given us and how they work. I highly recommend everyone check out the following links:

Legacy and Companions from Psynister.
“Today I wanted to talk just a little bit more about companions and how they relate to the Legacy system. I’ll start off by going over what perks exist in the Legacy system for companions and why you would want to unlock them, then we’ll get into how and when you unlock those perks.
I’m also going to talk about companion gifts and how they relate to each of the companions in the game as well as methods you can use to maximize your affection with your companions outside of companion gifts.”

Companion Gifts and Crafting Bonuses for 1.2 from Dulfy
“Hey everyone, with patch 1.2, you can finally gain affection with your annoying ship droid and make him get better at certain crafting skills. I thought this would be a good time to update all the previous companion gift information and add in all the crafting bonuses in one page.”

Reverse Engineering, Fashion, and Set Bonuses After 1.2 by Njessi
“…I’m editing as I find out new things..” – it’s true, she’s totally editing and updating this post continually.

SWTOR Patch 1.2 FAQ’s from Anexxia
“With a Patch as extensive as 1.2 it’s no wonder there are a lot of questions cropping up right out of the starting gate. I’ve started off with the ones I’m hearing most often. Have a question not answered here? Or keep having to answer the same question over and over for guildies? Leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the FAQs!”

Legacy Unlock: Ship Repair Droid by Blackferne at Church of Alvis
“With the Legacy system unrolling with 1.2 there are plenty of perks that people can now get. These range from social emotes to unarmed combat attacks to items you can get for your ship. As I’ve been working hard on crafting as of late I decided to get the ship repair droid.”

Patch 1.2 Flashpoint and Mini-Pet Guides from Mikro at SWTOR Life
“As part of our coverage of the newly released Legacy Patch 1.2 we have compiled two high quality guides that are a must read for any Star Wars: The Old republic player.”

Pretty awesome stuff, right? And there are probably even more pretty awesome links related to patch 1.2 that I haven’t even discovered yet. So pay attention, cause I’m getting ready to pass out some orders. First, seriously go read these amazingly helpful things I have posted above and leave some love and appreciation in the comments section for these blogs. Second, if you know of any other awesome articles about this subject that I haven’t yet discovered, link them here in the comments of this post so I can bring attention to them too.

And remember, the force is with you … always.

How My Legacy Name Accidentally Affected Me

So in my last post I mentioned that I had finally completed Chapter 1 on my main character and had gotten to choose my Legacy name. I had known in advance that somewhere around level 34 (depending on how quickly you completed class quests) this was going to happen. Like I’ve already mentioned, I spent a little time choosing a surname I was happy with. But other than getting the name right and reaching one of the major milestones on the way to 50, I didn’t really think much about the Legacy system. I mean, the system itself is still sort of a mystery as far as what the exact benefits are and how everything is going to work. We know it’s going to be a family tree of sorts where all of your characters on a server will be related to each other in some way, but there’s really not a whole lot of information other than that out there right now. All we have at the moment is the surname and a Legacy XP bar which begins to rack up points.

What I didn’t anticipate, since I have never been someone who does any role playing or ever worried about my alts even knowing each other, is how my Legacy name would immediately impact how I felt about my alts. I had a very low level Trooper I had created before my main completed Chapter 1 and I plan on leveling her up after Kristalys hits 50. This weekend I decided to take a break from grinding through Balmorra and spend an hour or two on the Trooper. She was only level 8 when I logged in, so you can see I hadn’t spent much time with her. And during my previous time, I had actually been having her choose some of the dark side quest options, just for fun. But when I logged in this weekend, suddenly her name was Sergeant Kristyne Greyson. Suddenly she was very definitely linked to Kristalys. And I found I just couldn’t have her pick the darkside options any more. She’s representing the family name and Kristalys is a very lightsided Jedi. Now Kristyne simply must be a good, dutiful Trooper. Also, it’s really exciting to see the Legacy XP bar just racking up the points. I can’t wait to find out what benefits I will get from it.

Already I’m wondering how this is going to play out with other characters I create. There’s supposed to be a family tree type aspect to the system, where you choose if a character is your parent, sibling, etc. I’m guessing if I ever do decide I want to level a character up with hella darkside points, I’m gonna have to make her a distant cousin or a half-sister or something. It’s just one more thing that SWTOR does that has me completely immersed in my character and her story more so than any other game I’ve ever played.

Well done, Bioware. Well done.