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Keeping The Minions Busy

Before patch 1.3 went live, my minions didn’t really receive much love. Tharan was allowed to follow me around and heal me through dailies, but aside from occasional slicing missions and making a few stims to put in the gbank for raiders, the rest of these guys rarely saw any action. Well, actually Lt. Iresso saw some major action for a while there (of the BSOCK variety, if you know what I mean – wink, wink) and I managed to hit 10,000 with him, but the rest of my companions remained way below that number. Tharan came in second simply because as my only healer he spent plenty of time observing cut scenes during dailies and even though he gave me the -1 of shame most of the time, after all of our time together he was around the 7,000 mark. Qyzen was around 4,500, Nadia was around 4,000, Zenith was only at 2,000 and CN2 was at 0. Yep, I pretty much did that all wrong.

Obviously Lt. Iresso got to max affection because I was very interested in the romance storyline and wanted to see it through to it’s conclusion. But the rest of them were just basically ignored because… well, because I’m an idiot I guess. I knew in the back of my mind higher affection somehow affected crew skills, but since I wasn’t a serious crafter I didn’t really spend much time worrying about it. I suppose I’m technically a lazy gamer. I love to be logged in and playing and I follow a lot of SWTOR blogs, but I don’t REALLY pay attention to learning the things I should probably learn about the game. I skim blog posts, read headlines about patch notes, etc. Aside from not loving a weekend raiding schedule, this laziness for learning is a big part of why I don’t have a history of raiding in other games. I have never felt like spending an hour or two a week studying for a game I’m playing for the purpose of fun and relaxation. For the record, since I am now committed to raiding, I always make sure to read any boss fight strategies the raid leader directs us to in preparation for our next adventure. Luckily, that doesn’t happen a lot or I’m afraid I would get lazy with it too. I wish I knew what caused this behavior, because it’s not the way I am with other things in life.

Anyway, back to why my companions all look so intensely hard at work in the screenshot above, I have finally FINALLY realized the error of my ways. Since the patch dropped (sadly if I had paid more attention to blog posts and patch notes I would have started working on this weeks ago) I have been trying my damnedest to help the guild out with getting everyone all augmented up. I started making and RE’ing level 49 green implants with my biochem for the purpose of stocking the bank with Augmentation Slot Component MK-6 for the serious crafters in our guild to use in making Augmentation kits. That’s been pretty easy since the bioanalysis mats needed can be farmed on Ilum and gotten with rank 5 biochem missions. But I’ve also been sending out 2 companions on level 6 tech part slicing missions non stop in an effort to get the purple Advanced Neural Augmentor items needed to make augments. After having such a crappy return rate on actually getting the purple items I googled it enough to learn they are only returned when the mission crits. And is there any way to increase the chances a mission will crit? Why yes there is, Kristalys, you idiot. If you have your companion’s affection level maxed out it totally increases your chances of mission crits.

So guess who spent an outrageous amount of credits yesterday buying companion gifts and running back and forth to my ship to have companion conversations. Ugh. I hate spending money in big chunks like that. How nice would it have been to have slowly built up their affection over the past 6 months like smart players had already done. You live and you learn, I suppose. I certainly will pay more attention to this with my alts. Of course, I just couldn’t make myself spend all my money in 1 day so I don’t have them all maxed out yet. I did get Tharan up to 10k and Nadia and Zenith are both over 8k each now. Qyzen has been ignored for now since he’s my main bioanalysis monkey and the level 5 mats I need don’t require crit. But I’ll start working on him and CN2 as soon as I top off Nadia and Zenith and build some money back up.

So yeah, lesson learned; a happy minion is a more effective minion. And I’m an idiot.

Home, Almost Sweet Home

On my way to a guild raid – I totally mean Operation – I passed by this dude on the Gav Daragon Mission Deck. It seems I’m not the only one who isn’t totally thrilled about the server transfers.

Day 5 on our new home server and my emotions are still mixed. I will say I had quite a rant prepared for today which was to be all about the Guild Bank. When we transferred on Thursday night, we had a plan in place for handling all of the items and money from the bank. So we put that plan into motion, did all the transfers that night, disbanded the guild on the old server and before logging out Thursday, we had an official support ticket open asking them to give us our bank back on the new server. Friday night we raided and the idiot who was responsible for storing all of the guild bank items didn’t bring enough stims to the raid for everyone. In fact, she even forgot one for herself. Okay, I’m that idiot. Anyway, Saturday night I was still playing the part of the guild bank but I did remember to bring ALL THE THINGS so there were stims for everyone. I realize Bioware was likely very backed up with so many transfers going on and so many tickets being opened, but it was annoying to not have a guild bank we could use. We did finally get our bank back last night at approximately 8pm CST, btw.

Over the past several months, I had totally forgotten what life is like on a busy server. There are a lot of advantages to it, especially when you want to find people to run heroics or dailies with. I’ve already gotten more of those done in the past few days than normal. Additionally, the Global Trade Network is more profitable because there are more people looking at the items I’m selling. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not completely hating it. But I am still not completely loving it. Forced changes to character names aside, it’s just annoying to be overwhelmed with people all the time. I’m having flashbacks of tundra mammoths parked on mailboxes in Dalalag and Stormlagwind. I feel like time has reversed itself and I’m suddenly back in the first month after launch. Tripping over people trying to tag quest mobs, having to repeat myself over and over again that just because I’m a sage does not mean I will heal you. People can make me so crazy.

Of course, all of this is overridden by the fact that I’m still with my little online family. We didn’t lose anyone due to the sudden decision. We’re all still together and we raided – I totally mean Op’d – this weekend. Being a part of a guild that meshes together as well as ours does, well it’s priceless. On the Juyo server, with it’s medium population, we were all wrapped up in our own little world and I’m sure it won’t take too many more days here on the new server to go right back to that.

All of this has made me realize something about my blog too. When you’re perfectly, completely content… you have less to write about. Actually, I could write about how awesome my guild is all the time, but I’m smart enough to know it would quickly grow old for the readers. So if nothing else the server transfers have served to give me something to blog about. I’m quite sure there will be many interactions with asshats here that I can use to entertain you guys. I hope you enjoy the forthcoming tales of the idiots we’re sharing a server with.

I Can’t Believe That Just Happened

I’m a procrastinator. I openly admit it. So of course I waited until the last minute (yesterday) to decide I wanted to buy a white color crystal before the patch hit and they disappeared. Unfortunately, I didn’t have nearly enough money. I needed to make roughly 800k between the time I got home from work yesterday morning (3rd shifter) and the time the servers were scheduled to go down (11pm my local time). As soon as I got home, I logged in and started trying to make money. Someone told me pvp was a quick and easy moneymaker, so even though I never pvp I queued up for several matches. While I did have way more fun than I expected, I did not make much money from them. Not compared to the time spent, anyways. I do have slicing maxed out, so I was sending out all 4 of my minions on slicing missions the entire time. But I needed more than that.

The next thing I tried was space missions. I had heard you can make pretty good money off of those. I have always basically avoided space missions because I just don’t seem to be very good at them, but decided I would grin and bear it if they made me some quick money. I only had grade 1 gear for my ship, so the first thing I did was upgrade everything to grade 5. That took approximately $100,000 credits. I was definitely going the wrong direction. But the day was still young and I was now prepared to head into space. I will say that combat was much easier with the new upgrades and I did manage to complete several missions with no issue. But the money wasn’t as big as I wanted it to be, so I moved on.

Of course I did my dailies on Ilum and Belsavis, those are pretty good money makers. I even managed to find some random stranger to do one of the daily heroics with me. So I made up a pretty good chunk there. Next I headed to Corelia and finished up some quests there I had never bothered to finish. Also, I should mention, this whole time I’m stopping for every slicing and bioanalysis node I pass and I’m playing the Global Trade Network by mailing everything to an alt every couple of hours and putting all the mission schematics I’m getting from my slicing up for sale. Those things sell good, I made quite a bit of money just from those.

From there I went to Voss and completed bonus quests while watching for chests and nodes. Rinse and repeat. Tried another pvp match. Tried another space mission. Started the whole process over. Blah, blah. Basically all you need to realize is two things: 1. this took all day 2. I had not had any sleep since I woke up and went to work on Tuesday evening … and I am supposed to be back at work at midnight on Wednesday.

You guessed it, I called in sick to work. I’m not proud of it. I’m actually rather disgusted with myself that I put the damn game ahead of my job for even a day just because I wanted a white color crystal. As the day went on, I obviously grew more and more tired. By 7pm I had been up over 24 hours and since my job requires sitting in front of a pc and the game requires sitting in front of a pc, it was an exhausting 24 hours of sitting on my ass staring at a pc screen. Ugh. The more tired I became, the slower I was making money. But I was close and I knew that unless something major went wrong, I WAS going to make it.

Finally, about 2 hours before the scheduled server shutdown, I had collected all the money I needed for the crystal as well as a small pocket of extra money so I would be able to pay for repairs over the next few days while I tried to rebuild my bank. I used my emergency fleet pass to get back to the fleet. I logged into my alts and sent all of their money over to my main. As I went to the crystal vendor, I realized with only like $10,000 more I would have enough money to get a white crystal and one of the purple ones. Woot! I still had several minutes before my companions all returned from their missions, so I decided to make a quick run back through Belsavis because I know where several lootable chests are.

You guys, here’s the bad part of the story. I really don’t even know exactly what happened next. I remember thinking about buying both crystals, being a tiny bit short and deciding to go to Belsavis. I should have been able to get there, round up 10k in like 20 minutes and get back to the crystal vendor with over an hour to spare. But that’s not what happened. What happened was I startled myself awake about 3 hours later and found myself hunched over my keyboard, staring at a server list on my screen because maintenance had started. I fell asleep. I hadn’t bought any crystals. Even though I had just been at the vendor and had enough money for the white one, I didn’t click the fucking button. I wanted to do one more thing first. And then my body betrayed me.

So, yeah, there ya go. I’m a loser who chose to play SWTOR over going to work because I had one very big goal I was trying to achieve, and then I didn’t achieve it. I really can’t even describe for you how I felt when I woke up at my desk and realized what happened. Or how I feel now, for that matter. I guess I would say I’m disgusted. Disgusted at myself for being so stupid. I’m so disgusted with myself I can’t even really be angry. It was just a stupid day full of stupid decisions. Being stupid doesn’t pay, kids. I just proved that. I’m trying to make myself concentrate on the silver lining here, and that is I now have plenty of money in-game for anything I may need. Sigh. Yeah, it totally wasn’t worth it.

So Here’s What Happened….

… I hit level 50 and it somehow sucked the blogging right out of me.


The story-telling, leveling process is very cool in SWTOR and with everything being a new experience, I had plenty of stuff to write about while leveling. Now that I’m 50 … I am still having a total blast and the game is still very cool. I just, for whatever reason, haven’t had a lot to say. I blame this on several game related things and several non-game related things.

Let’s start with the non-game related things.

      • Overtime at work: money = good, mental exhaustion = less SWTOR. Also, for years now I’ve done the majority of my blogging at work and when work is behind & I don’t have time to write posts, I don’t make the time to write them at home. It’s just too much of a routine to write them at work.
      • High School Basketball season: I love watching sports live, I love my friends, I love watching my friend’s kid play sports live. Especially when she’s the star bball player averaging 26 points a game her senior year. Add to that I decided to become her official photographer for the season and I spent a lot of time driving all over the state watching basketball games these past few months. March Madness baby, it’s a real thing. Also, my twin nephews just spent 6 weeks playing in an indoor soccer league and I went to those games too
      • The winter blues: they cannot be escaped.
      • There are too many games: I still play WoW a bit, I play Xbox games (bought Skyrim this weekend but haven’t started it yet), I have about 18 games through Steam … there are too many games. And Guild Wars 2 is coming. And Diablo 3 beta is coming. WTB moar time.

Now the game related things.

    • I have managed to overwhelm myself with screenshots and it just seems too daunting to sit down and weed some out for editing. Also, I’m still genuinely worried about posting something that may be a spoiler for someone since the game is so new.
    • I’m not gonna lie, I miss achievements. SWTOR does have the codex system that pops up text when you discover new lore/creatures/etc. And I am obsessed with trying to complete my codex. But it’s not the same as achievements. It’s not exciting for me to write a post “Hey you guys, I just found a Wampa” because everyone who goes to Hoth will find a Wampa. BFD. If we had an achievement system similar to WoW then I’d be more excited and could post things like “Hey you guys, I just finished questing in Hoth and got the ‘Didn’t Have To Sleep In A TaunTaun’ achievement”.
    • When I’m logged in, I am so worried about doing dailies to gain raiding gear and farming slicing nodes to gain credits that I don’t spend any time on my alts. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my dailies, but there’s just nothing new to talk about there, whereas working on an alt would give me a whole new cool storyline to post about.
    • I am not a raiding expert. Or an expert on anything for that matter. I’ve never been one who could theorycraft, crunch numbers while analyzing my dps, remember every detail of every wipe or kill we experienced 2 nights ago, etc. My posts are fluffy. I am aware of it. And fluffy posts are not a necessity in this world, so I’ve found myself putting blogging on the back burner in favor of other things. The problem is, I really enjoy blogging and it frustrates me that I am not posting at least twice a week. I’d actually prefer 3 or 4 posts a week. Sigh.

Okay, I’ll stop there. That’s enough QQ’ing for one day. Although I’m really not QQ’ing so much as just trying to offer an explanation for why things are the way they are. The bright side is, basketball & soccer are over, work has (temporarily) slowed down, I’ve spent a little bit of time on my Trooper alt the past few days, and I’m starting to shed the winter blues. I’m hopeful that means things around here will become a bit more lively again. Except this coming weekend I’m going out of town to booze it up and spend lots of money at the casino so don’t expect much out of me until I recover. Unless I win big, in which case I could quit my job and become a full-time blogger. I’ll keep you posted.

I Love My Companions, But Are They Good For Me?

(Quick Update: In honor of the always derptastic philosophy I follow of post first, research shit later, I did find this thread on the SWTOR forums just this morning that has actually been very helpful. Jedi Sage – Balance vs Telekinetic)

First off, let me start by clarifying I am speaking only in relation to ME and MY companions and how they may or may not be affecting MY gameplay. This is not an observation about Bioware, other people and their companions, or companions in general. What I am having an issue with, basically, is me. Allow me to explain.

Quick Background

The Old Republic is only the second MMO I’ve ever played a minute of; World of Warcraft was my first. As a resto druid healer, I had it pretty easy when running content. For one thing, I really only ran causal raids on farm night or alt night. For another, because I just followed along at the back of the pack and mostly stood farther away from the boss than anyone else, I didn’t have to pay as much attention to the raid leader’s instructions about which off-tank should grab what add or where the pools of fire around the boss are that the melee dps need to watch for. All I really needed to know was who was tanking and whether I was going to be healing the tank or healing the raid. Then when the fight started I healed by clicking on Healbot or Vuhdo (I have a history with both). For the most part, I didn’t have to focus a target, I didn’t have to watch for interrupts. Other than a bit of moving with w,a,s,d I didn’t really have to touch the keyboard too much. I have a 5 button mouse and had my healing add-on setup to throw about 10 different spells as long as I used a modifier key.

I’ll be honest, this basically made me lazy. When my friends started advancing towards serious raiding, I let them pass me by because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to contribute the way they would need me to contribute. I felt that way because I knew I had been lazy and I didn’t “know” my class all that well, I just happened to know how to use my mouse to spam wild growth and rejuv. I tried to correct this by rolling a new Worgen druid and leveling her up so that I could pay closer attention to the details. But there was some unfortunate drama going on around that time and I just never put my heart into it after that. Oh woe is me.

So now you know I am a fail WoW player. But I’m in a new game and I can be a new player. I am now determined to be a serious raider and I’ve switched my main role from heals to caster dps. There are no add-ons to lean on and make me lazy. It’s all on me. I HAVE to actually learn my class and know exactly what spell to throw and why I’m throwing it.

My Issue

Here I am in a new game, putting on my serious face and trying my hardest to remain focused and informed. Reading guides, blog posts, forums and any other resource necessary to try and gain some insight into how to play my Jedi Consular to her greatest potential. Unfortunately, information is limited since all of us are equally new. But there is information out there and I’m soaking it all in. Or at least I think I am. I hope I am. I’m reading it, there’s that.

What I’m starting to realize about myself is that having a companion there to tank for me (or heal, as the case may be) isn’t really helping me learn how to maximize my dps. I mean, I am not solely responsible for how a mob dies so how do I know if I’m killing him the most efficient way? Even if I put Qyzen away and have Tharan follow me around to heal me I’m still cheating. I don’t have to be as aware of standing in the fire because Tharan’s there to heal me. And not only is he healing me, he’s also dps’ing with his blaster and he’s got his holowhore dancing in front of the mob and helping me out with a stun. WHAT AM I LEARNING HERE? This is why I said in the intro that the issue is me; because this companion system is pure genius as far as helping you level. And don’t get me started on the crew skills thing. BRILLIANT!

But with no type of combat meter or combat log (which are supposedly coming at some point) I have no way of knowing if I’m doing okay or not. I am not a theorycrafter and in fact, math generally gives me a headache and causes me to lose interest completely, so I usually try to avoid it if at all possible. Not all nerds are math nerds, who knew?

What I do know is that there are fights with elites that I sometimes wipe on 3 or 4 times. And I’m panicked that indicates a problem. To make matters worse, I got so frustrated this weekend with an elite fight that I noticed myself just simply button-mashing by my 3rd attempt. WTF? How am I going to raid with people that I actually care about if I’m a button-masher? I do have a rotation of sorts that I use consistently, though I have no way of knowing if it’s the best rotation. Based on my personal understanding of my spells and talent points, I think it is. But after becoming frustrated with wiping, I apparently threw my rotation right out the window and that’s something I cannot afford to make a habit. Yes, change my rotation if it’s not working. Tweak it and move spells around here and there to improve. But start button-mashing? NOOOOOOOooooooo.

So The Question Is…

The question is: Is having a companion do a chunk of the work for me impacting how effective I will be when raiding? I’m in a guild with experienced raiders who made solid progression in WoW. They aren’t elitist jerks and I’m not scared of them, but that doesn’t mean I expect them to keep me around if I’m not pulling my weight. This is just as serious to me as it is to them.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying companions are bad for the game or detrimental to raiding in any way. I’m not even saying they’re detrimental to me. I’m saying I need to figure out a way to make sure I’m doing all the damage I should be doing. To make matters worse, I’m caught up in the “trying to get to level 50” mentality. Several guildies have passed me in leveling and the ones that haven’t are very close to me AND have alts that are a decent level too. I have to put that aside and concentrate on not letting myself rush through just because I feel competitive. There’s no point in getting to level cap if I’m doing everything wrong while there.

A Possible Solution?

I’ve been thinking (worrying) about this for quite some time and I’ve finally decided it’s time for less thinking and more action. This week I’m going to spend some time backtracking a level or two and attacking some elites without using a companion. If I die I’ll try to switch my rotation up a bit and see what the difference is. It’s a rudimentary way of going about it, but I can’t think of any better solution. If I find that I am able to beat them without too much trouble, I’ll find an elite the next level up and try it again.

I’m curious if anyone else out there has these same type of concerns. I am also more than willing to take advice on how to prevent button-mashing and to learn of any tricks of the trade that will help me find the best rotation for me and maximize my dps. I am currently a level 44 Jedi Consular Sage following the Balance tree. Like an idiot, I am writing this post away from the pc I play SWTOR on and I forgot to capture a screenshot of my current talents. I believe the image below is an accurate recreation though. Just during the process of recreating it online, I can already see where a few points might be wasted. I will definitely be working on resetting my tree this week.

If you’re choosing the Balance tree like I am, let me know how your points compare to mine and why you chose them. I would also love to know what rotation you generally use so I can see how it compares to mine. I am open to criticism. I need to get this right. I realize I need to play my character according to my style and what I’m comfortable with; I don’t want someone to hand me a cookie-cutter build and do all the work for me. But I welcome any feedback.

Things I Have Learned So You Don’t Have To

With the official launch date happening tomorrow, there’s going to be another whole batch of total noobs in the game, just like there has been during the Early Access period. I thought I would try and be helpful by sharing some of the things I have learned during the past several days. I have had moments of total derpiness and I’ve had moments of wonder as something new was discovered. Hopefully, I can save you guys some heartache by listing stuff here.

Let’s start off with a huge derp moment and get it out of the way – your mini map can be zoomed out so that you can see your gathering nodes easier. The gathering nodes appear on your mini map as asterisk/star-type shapes. It’s also easier to navigate if you can see more of the area. Don’t be silly like me and spend several days being zoomed all the way in.

Speaking of gathering nodes, some of them are currently bugged and are not clickable. When you mouse over an item that is normally available for archaeology or slicing or whatever, the cursor should change and you should be able to right-click the item. If the cursor doesn’t change and the item isn’t clickable, it’s a bugged node. You didn’t do anything wrong, just move on to the next one.

If you are in a guild, there is a problem with the guild roster not showing you everyone who is online. To fix it, hit ctrl+u twice in a row.

You do have the ability to move the chat panel. Just left-click on the “General” tab at the top and drag it to where you want it to go. You can also right-click the chat panel and choose a different font size, among other things.

You can jump/fall/walk off the edge of everything in Coruscant (and I would assume other similar type terrains). There is not an invisible wall that keeps you safe. You will fall and you will die.

If you right-click on an enemy target, whatever ability you have in the first slot of your action bar will be automatically performed. If you left-click on a target, this does not happen.

Before logging out you should park yourself in a Cantina, as those are the official rest areas.

You should bind with every QuickTravel point you come across. These function similar to hearthstones and have a 30 minute cool down. The difference is you can choose to go to any of them you have already clicked on instead of just picking one as your home turf.

After you’ve visited the Republic or Imperial Fleet for the first time (around level 10), you will then have an Emergency Fleet Pass available to you as a way of getting back to the fleet. You can find your Emergency Fleet Pass listed in your abilities under the “General” tab. I have no idea what the cool down on the fleet pass is. I’ve heard some say it’s an 18 hour cool down, but I have not yet used mine to confirm.

If you find yourself unable to move you can try to get unstuck with the /stuck command. I have used it successfully, but it won’t always work. If it doesn’t work for you, you may need to use your QuickTravel.

You can repair at any vendor by clicking the “repair all” button at the bottom left of the vendor’s open screen.
Once you pick your advanced class, every time you visit your trainer there will be a separate tab at the bottom you have to click on to show the current advanced class skill available for learning.

If you’re looking for the Guild Recruitment guy, the first one I found is at the Republic (or Imperial) Fleet and he’s located in the area where your skills trainer is located.

In the guild screen, there is a button towards the top right that says “details” and if you click on it you will see an extra note area where you can put whatever info you want displayed about you. Each individual persons note bar has a drop down menu so you can switch between public note, officer note, etc.

While you’re at the fleet, near the Cantina area, there will be cargo hold boxes that will change the cursor into a key icon when you hover over it. These are what you use as your bank.

Okay, I think I’ve covered all of the stuff that I had questions about during my first few days of game play. As the game and the community grows, there will soon be information specific to where to find missions and how to complete missions, etc. Until that time, we’re just gonna have to rely on each other and share the wealth.

I’m A Jedi Just Lounging Around

I’m not gonna lie … I hate the way I sit. I know part of the reason it looks so stupid is because I’m wearing a “lower robe” that’s all ballooned out there. But I can’t help but wonder how totally un-lady like it might look if I were just wearing pants.

I’m Not Gonna Lie

Staring at my SWTOR Launcher and knowing I can’t use it is really making me sad. Early access cannot get here fast enough for me. In order to help pass the time, I think I’m going to check out some SWTOR podcasts. So if any of you would like to recommend one, that’d be awesome.

So The Final Beta Testing Weekend Just Happened…

… and I finally got a chance to get in there and check this beast out for myself. I had stayed away from SWTOR related stuff after the NDA was recently lifted because I wanted to experience it all firsthand and be a total noob. I can assure you, I was a TOTAL noob. I couldn’t even join my friends in a Flashpoint on Sunday evening because I couldn’t figure out how to get there. I had passed by the instance once, just couldn’t get back to it. The force is apparently not strong with this one. But aside from that, beta was a total blast. I love, love, love this game. I am planning on making my main a Jedi Consular when the game launches for real, so I decided (thanks to some words of wisdom from a friend) to play a Sith Inquisitor during the beta. They’re basically the same role, but now I haven’t spoiled any story lines or anything for my new character. It will all be new and exciting.

I had big plans to write big posts about what I experienced during beta, but the more I leveled up, the more I realized I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone else. So I’ve decided not to post any specific details. I realize I’m flattering myself by pretending more than 4 people will even read this post, but just in case one of those 4 doesn’t want to know too many details, I have decided to keep it pretty generic.

And so I present a copy of the notepad notes I jotted down during game play:

– Love the fact that quests are given by cut scenes with voice actors. I pay more attention, stopped reading quest text in WoW, but listen to every word here.
– Repair is a little weird, it’s a separate tab on a vendor and you have to choose each individual item you want to repair. **edit – found the “repair all” button at bottom of window.
– Unlike the RIFT beta, I am not comparing every little thing to WoW. I’m not worried about what is happening in WoW while playing.
– I do miss the whole hearthstone type thing. I really have no idea where I need to be for resting experience. What is considered my home base? Oh wait, that must be what quick travel is. Too bad I blew my cooldown by just clicking on it to see what it does.
– I do like that items which are used during the quest are on a separate tab in your inventory and not just mixed in with the rest of your random loot.
– My pc is handling it awesomely well. I’ve got my graphics settings turned all the way up and no issues. Woot.
– I don’t know if I missed the explanation somewhere, or if they just didn’t bother explaining it, but I found the ship that transports you up to the Imperial Fleet and from there you can go to another planet. I just don’t know if I’m supposed to go somewhere else now or wait til a quest tells me to.

That was all VERY riveting, yes? Later this week I’ll up the excitement around here even more as I post some generic screenshots I took during the opening video which everyone has already seen as one of the trailers. YOU’RE WELCOME!