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I Can’t Believe That Just Happened

I’m a procrastinator. I openly admit it. So of course I waited until the last minute (yesterday) to decide I wanted to buy a white color crystal before the patch hit and they disappeared. Unfortunately, I didn’t have nearly enough money. I needed to make roughly 800k between the time I got home from work yesterday morning (3rd shifter) and the time the servers were scheduled to go down (11pm my local time). As soon as I got home, I logged in and started trying to make money. Someone told me pvp was a quick and easy moneymaker, so even though I never pvp I queued up for several matches. While I did have way more fun than I expected, I did not make much money from them. Not compared to the time spent, anyways. I do have slicing maxed out, so I was sending out all 4 of my minions on slicing missions the entire time. But I needed more than that.

The next thing I tried was space missions. I had heard you can make pretty good money off of those. I have always basically avoided space missions because I just don’t seem to be very good at them, but decided I would grin and bear it if they made me some quick money. I only had grade 1 gear for my ship, so the first thing I did was upgrade everything to grade 5. That took approximately $100,000 credits. I was definitely going the wrong direction. But the day was still young and I was now prepared to head into space. I will say that combat was much easier with the new upgrades and I did manage to complete several missions with no issue. But the money wasn’t as big as I wanted it to be, so I moved on.

Of course I did my dailies on Ilum and Belsavis, those are pretty good money makers. I even managed to find some random stranger to do one of the daily heroics with me. So I made up a pretty good chunk there. Next I headed to Corelia and finished up some quests there I had never bothered to finish. Also, I should mention, this whole time I’m stopping for every slicing and bioanalysis node I pass and I’m playing the Global Trade Network by mailing everything to an alt every couple of hours and putting all the mission schematics I’m getting from my slicing up for sale. Those things sell good, I made quite a bit of money just from those.

From there I went to Voss and completed bonus quests while watching for chests and nodes. Rinse and repeat. Tried another pvp match. Tried another space mission. Started the whole process over. Blah, blah. Basically all you need to realize is two things: 1. this took all day 2. I had not had any sleep since I woke up and went to work on Tuesday evening … and I am supposed to be back at work at midnight on Wednesday.

You guessed it, I called in sick to work. I’m not proud of it. I’m actually rather disgusted with myself that I put the damn game ahead of my job for even a day just because I wanted a white color crystal. As the day went on, I obviously grew more and more tired. By 7pm I had been up over 24 hours and since my job requires sitting in front of a pc and the game requires sitting in front of a pc, it was an exhausting 24 hours of sitting on my ass staring at a pc screen. Ugh. The more tired I became, the slower I was making money. But I was close and I knew that unless something major went wrong, I WAS going to make it.

Finally, about 2 hours before the scheduled server shutdown, I had collected all the money I needed for the crystal as well as a small pocket of extra money so I would be able to pay for repairs over the next few days while I tried to rebuild my bank. I used my emergency fleet pass to get back to the fleet. I logged into my alts and sent all of their money over to my main. As I went to the crystal vendor, I realized with only like $10,000 more I would have enough money to get a white crystal and one of the purple ones. Woot! I still had several minutes before my companions all returned from their missions, so I decided to make a quick run back through Belsavis because I know where several lootable chests are.

You guys, here’s the bad part of the story. I really don’t even know exactly what happened next. I remember thinking about buying both crystals, being a tiny bit short and deciding to go to Belsavis. I should have been able to get there, round up 10k in like 20 minutes and get back to the crystal vendor with over an hour to spare. But that’s not what happened. What happened was I startled myself awake about 3 hours later and found myself hunched over my keyboard, staring at a server list on my screen because maintenance had started. I fell asleep. I hadn’t bought any crystals. Even though I had just been at the vendor and had enough money for the white one, I didn’t click the fucking button. I wanted to do one more thing first. And then my body betrayed me.

So, yeah, there ya go. I’m a loser who chose to play SWTOR over going to work because I had one very big goal I was trying to achieve, and then I didn’t achieve it. I really can’t even describe for you how I felt when I woke up at my desk and realized what happened. Or how I feel now, for that matter. I guess I would say I’m disgusted. Disgusted at myself for being so stupid. I’m so disgusted with myself I can’t even really be angry. It was just a stupid day full of stupid decisions. Being stupid doesn’t pay, kids. I just proved that. I’m trying to make myself concentrate on the silver lining here, and that is I now have plenty of money in-game for anything I may need. Sigh. Yeah, it totally wasn’t worth it.

No Grace Period Makes Me Cry

I just read an article where I learned that while I may get into early access even earlier than expected (yes, i registered my pre-order code pretty early), once the official launch date of December 20th get’s here I’m likely screwed and won’t be able to access the game for an undetermined amount of time. Why is that, you ask? Well it’s because I’m a nerd and I chose to buy the Collector’s Edition of the game through Amazon. And now we’re being told that on the 20th we’ll be asked for our official product code and won’t be able to play until it’s entered. According to my Amazon account, my estimated delivery date is in the 2nd week of January.

Now in fairness, let me say that way back when I ordered the CE, I was aware that it wouldn’t be shipped to me before the launch date. It was something I took into account and decided I was fine with. But since then there’s been all this talk about early access and how it could be granted based off of your pre-order code. This meant I could play before receiving the box in the mail and the excitement has been building ever since. So now I can play days earlier than launch based off of that pre-order code, but I can’t play after launch. Way to play with my emotions BioWare. You got me good with this one.

Supposedly BioWare is going to talk to retailers about speeding up delivery or maybe even delivering early, and if that happens I will stop crying and get to playing. But if that doesn’t happen, I really think the early access is going to make me more sad than glad.

I’m Not Gonna Lie

Staring at my SWTOR Launcher and knowing I can’t use it is really making me sad. Early access cannot get here fast enough for me. In order to help pass the time, I think I’m going to check out some SWTOR podcasts. So if any of you would like to recommend one, that’d be awesome.