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The One Where I Return To SWTOR

lvl 51

So I don’t know if I ever made this clear anywhere here, but I did not stop playing SWTOR because I disliked the game. It just simply got to the point where it was repetitive for me and there were multiple other games that were keeping me entertained. I didn’t plan on quitting SWTOR, in fact I feel like an ass because I had promised my Snark Side guildies more than once that I would never leave the game and would be subscribed until the day they finally unplugged the last server. Then within a couple of months I had unsubscribed and disappeared. I have no lame excuse for it, it just happened. The guild went through a time where several core members left the game and others were entering a busy holiday season / work schedule so outside of raid nights there was rarely anyone to talk to while logged in. I was tired of staying home to raid on weekends. I wasn’t in love with alting as much as I am in WoW. Blah, blah, etc. etc.

The main point to take away from the above is I NEVER DISLIKED SWTOR. It’s a great game. Does it have bugs and issues? Yes. Does Bioware do a good job with the game? Not as good as they should. Can it be repetitive and grindy? Sure, depending on alting and raiding, etc. Is it fun as hell? Yes. Do lightsabers kick ass? Yes. Are the sound effects some of the best ever used in a game? Yes. Are the cut scenes amazing? Yes. Are you getting the picture here? Of course I had to come back. There’s a new planet to explore after all.

I technically resubbed back in late March and preordered the new content, but I lost all of April to a family emergency so I didn’t get any game time. Everything is now fine, no need to be concerned. I recently got my free time back, got the game all downloaded and updated and was able to login this week. I hadn’t expected my talents to be reset, but of course it makes perfect sense. The first night I logged in I just sat and stared at my skill tree and half cried / half panicked. I couldn’t remember how I used to have it setup. I know some talents have been removed and added, so it would never be the same anyway, but I had always thought I was pretty good at dps’ing with my weird balance build so I couldn’t fathom how I was going to play if I didn’t get it built back correctly. So I logged out and decided I needed to spend some time catching up on SWTOR blogs and forums. Which I did.

Over the weekend I spent a few hours in-game getting my skill tree lined out and wading back into questing by leveling on Makeb. I even got to run a FlashPoint with a couple of guildies which really helped bring my muscle memory right back. I mean, I totally hit some buttons wrong but for the most part it felt pretty natural. I even managed to make it through the flashpoint and then get out to Makeb and level to 51 without dying once. YES! While I am still playing other games and consider WoW my current main game (I’m going to Blizzcon, woot!) I am glad I have found my way back to SWTOR and The Snark Side. I may not be back for 15 hours a week or for raiding, but I will be playing and maybe even blogging again.

My Excuses, Let Me Give You Them

Yep, things have been slow around here. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve discovered that being perfectly happy and content with your gaming life leads to a very boring blog. I have to admit, it bothers me a tiny bit to realize how this space has suffered because I truly do enjoy blogging. But I’m certainly not going to complain about being in the perfect guild with the perfect people. Lack of blog posts is a very small price to pay for such an amazing environment.

But aside from that sickening display of love for my people, I have also been busy with alts. While I have always been someone who creates a lot of characters because I enjoy deciding how they should look and what they should be named, I never really get them very far before I delete them to create someone new. I played WoW for over 4 years and only ever had 1 toon reach max level. The second highest alt I had hit around 70. The many others I created seemed to never make it past their 30s. But as you can see from the screenshot above, I have recently made some progress with several alts. Yes, they are actually still pretty low level but I am admittedly a very slow leveler. I always have been. Too much time spent taking screenshots, tabbed out googling items, sitting idle behind a tree while talking in guild chat, etc. So I am very excited to see those alts up there. I also have a Smuggler on a separate server (co-worker peer pressure) who’s level 18. Hooray me, I’m alting!

When I’m not alting or running Operations with the gang, I am farming. Farming in SWTOR isn’t as easy as what I’m used to from my previous MMO experience, but it can still be done. Sure, most of my farming consists of just standing on the fleet and sending my minions out on missions for companion gifts and missions I can sell on the GTN, but I am also spending a lot of time making circles around a lake on Voss gathering Quick-Growth Agent so I can create stims for the guild bank. That… is pretty boring, to be honest. But it’s a necessary evil.

Okay, there you have it. My list of excuses to explain why I have not been blogging as much lately as I started out doing. Luckily, between the new busy server we are now on and the fact that patch 1.3 drops today, I am pretty optimistic things will begin to pick back up. So keep checking back. I will be blabbering about something soon enough. I may even decide to return to Twitter. I’ve really slacked off on that lately.

Monday Already?

I’m in Ilum. And while it’s not as white and barren as Hoth, it still makes me cold. I’m hoping to get started doing dailies and running flashpoints this week. Real life is draining me right now and we have just started overtime at work beginning today, but I do believe things will begin getting back to normal around here real soon. I apologize for the bit of dust that’s collected here recently, but I know you all know how sometimes these things just happen.

In the meantime, let me point out that I have added a new link to the blogroll over there on the right sidebar. It’s Tanking The Old Republic and was recently brought to my attention. I am still getting hits and comments on my Link Love – Spreading the SWTOR post from last month and I’m glad to see that post ended up being very helpful.

Happy Star Wars: The Old Republic New Year!

It’s a beautiful new year and I’m happy to be playing this beautiful new game. Ah, 2012 you are off to an excellent start. I’m a little light on any actual content worth reading right now as I’m still trying to catch up, clean up and rest up from the holiday season. So again, I am going to throw some screenshots at you and hope that satisfies for now. Real, actual posts are incoming this week. I promise.


Temporarily Out Of Office

I actually meant to post this last Friday, but I got behind on my Christmas preparations and got completely distracted. I just wanted to let you know that there’s a slight lull here which can be directly blamed on the holiday season and the fact that my family all lives out of town. I haven’t been able to play the game for a couple of days, and I certainly haven’t had any time to write anything. But most of the busy stuff is behind me now and I’m hoping to return to a normal routine this week. Real posting will resume here soon.