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Rakghoul Invasion Screenshots

The Rakghoul Invasion World Event has been a total blast. Other than the fact that I killed the 3 world bosses on Sunday and did NOT get the title, I’ve loved every minute of this infection party. Below are some screenshots I’ve taken of the people and places around the event.

as usual, click to embiggen

Is it sad that I am so amused by the plague parties on the fleet? I find myself standing there just getting infected and dancing til I die. Lol. The simplest things amuse me.

Creepy Graphics Glitch Is Creepy

This past weekend I kept experiencing a weird graphics glitch where everyone in a cutscene was missing their eyeballs. After seeing this a dozen or so times, it actually gets more creepy instead of less creepy. If this ever happens while I’m romancing Lt. Iresso, I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline the BSOCK. It would just be too disturbing.