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IntPiPoMo 2012: Cool Characters

Oh Hey, A New Post

I apologize for the sudden slow-down here guys. I chalk it up to an odd combination of being suddenly busy at work combined with having the lazy winter blues. Honestly I don’t even have any post ideas in my head at the moment. So instead I give you – random screenshots! Lucky you.

I loved, loved, loved all the neon lights in Nar Shaddaa

A wookiee playing percussion – is there anything cooler?

Inside an ice cave on Hoth

ZOMG, it’s Yoda. Except it’s really not him. But it’s totally Yoda.

Scene from Voss, one of my favorite planets

My level 50 speeder

Kristalys kicking ass and taking names

There Are 3 Things About This Screenshot You Should Know…

1. Qyzen Fess looks awesome wearing a cool heavy armor cape and sporting the Qyzen Customization 1 kit sold at the security key vendor for 12k credits. It not only gives him yellow skin, it gives him his right eye back. BONUS!

2. I think I’ve found an outfit I’m happy with and will likely keep for a long time. The gloves have the same bluish color on them that matches the shirt and then everything has the brown that ties in with the skirt. There’s no stupid hoods covering my face or weird neck-roll collars. I like it. I LOOK GOOD DAMMIT!

3. Ambassador Jennik has a huge bubble ass and is apparently busy trying to admire it.

click to embiggen

Creepy Graphics Glitch Is Creepy

This past weekend I kept experiencing a weird graphics glitch where everyone in a cutscene was missing their eyeballs. After seeing this a dozen or so times, it actually gets more creepy instead of less creepy. If this ever happens while I’m romancing Lt. Iresso, I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline the BSOCK. It would just be too disturbing.

A Little Bit Of Friday Fun

It’s been a long, rough week at work (not really but that sounds more dramatic; it’s been a pretty typical week at work) and my brain is too zapped to do a lot of witty writing (I know, I don’t write witty even when I don’t have an excuse) so I’m just going to throw a few screenshots at you and maybe type out a caveman sentence or two describing them.

First up, last night = bow chicka wow wow with Lt. Iresso.

Next I wanted to introduce you to my Sith Inquisitor. Her name is Regan and she lives on Drooga’s Pleasure Barge. Just a fun little vacation alt for when I get tired of my Jedi ways and wanna kill people with lightning.

There is something about her that I just absolutely love. I actually think she’s the prettiest of all my characters. Those gray eyes are so piercing.

And though she’s only level 10 and I haven’t logged in with her much at all, some of my best screenshots have come from playing her. The lightning definitely helps. And I love the overload ability too. So here’s a few screenshots of Regan. I hope you enjoy.

Adventures In Lightsabers

Since the game officially launched 10 days ago, I’m going to assume that anyone who may be reading this blog and interested in playing SWTOR has probably already started. Which means I can begin slowly posting things here that I would have considered spoilers a couple of weeks ago. And today, I’m kicking that off by talking about experiencing the moment I got my lightsaber on both my Jedi Consular and my Sith Inquisitor. Both characters received a lightsaber at around level 9 – 10, but the experiences were vastly different.

Let’s start with Kristalys. As she is my main character, I am heavily invested into her storyline and become really excited over the smallest of things. Working my way through the starting planet of Tython, I eventually stumbled into a questline where I began hearing a bit about lightsabers. Soon I was told I needed to journey to the old lightsaber forge for a quest. Somewhere around the same time, I was sent into a cave to extract some sort of crystal. Basically, the story built up the anticipation for my lightsaber. It was being hinted about as my levels increased and I knew it was coming soon. Eventually I made my way to the forge and a really cool cut scene started that played out my lightsaber being created. You can see from the following screenshots, it was a pretty epic experience.

Cut to me leveling my Sith Inquisitor. While I am having fun because I can be a sarcastic asshole to everyone, the way in which Regan gains her lightsaber was completely boring. There was no mention of a lightsaber at all while questing. No little hints about creating one or missions to gather materials. In fact, the whole thing happened suddenly and was very anti-climatic. Basically, I completed some menial task and returned to the Sith Academy to speak with Lord Zash. She told me she was traveling soon to Drommond Kaas and that I should meet her there when I get the chance. And then the next thing I know, she’s tossing me a lightsaber through the air over her desk and saying “this is the lightsaber I had as an apprentice. I want you to have it”. I catch it, light it up and then go on about my business. YAWN!

The lightsaber is a big deal to me; I wanted to play characters that carry one. The Jedi experience was amazing, the Sith experience was disappointing. I wonder why they were so different.

Time For Some SWTOR Screenshots. No Spoilers.

I am a screenshot addict, so naturally I already have a folder of images I’ve taken during my time in game this week. There are so many I want to post and talk about, but I am still trying to be very aware of not giving away any spoilers for people who haven’t yet had a chance to experience stuff for themselves. Which means I gotta be careful for several more weeks. But in the meantime, I decided that as long as I didn’t mention names, locations, events, or anything at all, I could share some of the generic cut scene images I have. Just to give you guys a feel for how the cut scenes look and to begin acclimating you to the fact that if you are going to hang around here, you’re going to see a lot of screenshots.