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Happy Memorial Day

There are many things I love about this image, such as the R2D2 BBQ grill and the wookiee apron saying “kiss the wook”. But the absolute best thing about it is what’s actually on the grill. Can you tell what that is? It’s the head of Jar Jar Binks. Lol. Brilliant. Also, I should mention this image was stolen from the interwebz, namely HERE.

Ohai there. Long time no see. I apologize for that. It’s been all my fault and I could attempt to explain it to you but it would likely bore us all to death. Suffice it to say I am still interested in blogging here. I have not quit, don’t give up on me. But for today I just wanted to pop in here and wish you all a fun and safe holiday weekend. Yes, I know the majority of said holiday weekend has passed. I’m a procrastinator. As if you couldn’t tell already.

PSA: Chewbacca To Appear On Glee Tomorrow Night

I couldn’t claim to be all about the wookiee if I didn’t feature important news and information about my man, Chewbacca. Turn’s out he’s making a return to the spotlight in the Christmas episode of Glee, airing on the FOX network tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th. Luckily, he will not be singing; but don’t tell him I said that. Apparently the Glee cast is going to be paying homage to both the Star Wars holiday special and the Judy Garland holiday special.

You can read more about it here at