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This Game Is Going To Kill Me

I hate to actually admit it out loud, but this game is starting to piss me off. I’ve gotten used to the various bugs in Operations which cause wipes for no reason. I’ve gotten used to how fucking hard it is to use the GTN with it’s clunkiness. But some things are getting hard to ignore. Like the fact that everyone needs augments, augments require Advanced Neural Augmentors and I never seem to be able to get many of those.

On my main toon, I have 2 companions maxed out on affection and one of them is Tharan who has +10 slicing. I run both of these guys on Mysterious Funds and Whispers On The Net (2 of the abundant tech parts missions) non-stop with an occasional Extinguish The Sun thrown in and I would say I average 3 Advanced Neural Augmentors every 80 runs. THAT’S HORSESHIT! Yes, I know I can buy the level 340 slicing missions from the GTN to get a guaranteed 4 purple augmentors and the missions I’m running will only return them on a crit. But doesn’t the rate of crits, or actually the lack thereof, bother anyone else? It’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to buy them, I LEVELED UP SLICING! And here’s a weird coincidence… my level 15 bank alt finally has slicing up to grade 6 but she’s not yet at 400 and now that I’ve started sending out T7 with about 30% affection he has returned purple augmentors 3 out of 6 missions. I found a few other discussions by googling the subject which seem to indicate there is a better chance at crits if the skill isn’t maxed out and the character isn’t level 50. ISN’T THAT WEIRD? I’m not saying that’s actually what’s going on or that it’s by design, but my experience sure does make it seem true and other people are talking about it too. I’m not bitching about this because I want to sell these things and make a profit, I’m running these missions for the good of the guild. We’re a raiding team, everyone needs their shit augmented. We’re chipping in and working together to make that happen. No, I’m not the only slicer but yes, others are having a terrible return rate on these too. I am so angry. Grrrr.

The reason this is boiling over is because of the recent server move which was forced on us (again) with no real advanced notice. I work 3rd shift and I don’t log in every day, so imagine my surprise when I was at work Monday night / Tuesday morning reading our guild forums and seeing a post from our GM that she just found on on that Monday we would be moved to a new server the following day. Which was already here by the time I read it. I panicked. I’m the official banker, do I need to empty the bank like I did the last time we were forced to move? Will the guild need to be disbanded and re-formed? Not that any of that would have mattered because it was already too late. From what I gather, we had less than a 24 hour notice about the move. That’s so completely not cool. Yes, they did move the guild and guild bank for us so there was nothing that needed to be done, but big fucking deal. I was already on a server that averaged 2 instances of the Fleet and Black Hole and was very populated. And I ended up on that server because they moved us off of my original server and I lost my legacy name and several character names. Now we’re moved again. To an even bigger server. As if running Black Hole dailies didn’t already suck enough. I lost another character name. Woo-fucking-hoo. Yes, I did get to change my legacy name back to what it was originally, but honestly it just doesn’t mean anything to me anymore because now anyone can have it. It’s not special anymore. It’s not legacy anymore. It’s just a fucking name. I am one of the few who got in on the first day of early access. I am absolutely a founder of this game and I am not happy with the way things are going. Grrrr.

Home, Almost Sweet Home

On my way to a guild raid – I totally mean Operation – I passed by this dude on the Gav Daragon Mission Deck. It seems I’m not the only one who isn’t totally thrilled about the server transfers.

Day 5 on our new home server and my emotions are still mixed. I will say I had quite a rant prepared for today which was to be all about the Guild Bank. When we transferred on Thursday night, we had a plan in place for handling all of the items and money from the bank. So we put that plan into motion, did all the transfers that night, disbanded the guild on the old server and before logging out Thursday, we had an official support ticket open asking them to give us our bank back on the new server. Friday night we raided and the idiot who was responsible for storing all of the guild bank items didn’t bring enough stims to the raid for everyone. In fact, she even forgot one for herself. Okay, I’m that idiot. Anyway, Saturday night I was still playing the part of the guild bank but I did remember to bring ALL THE THINGS so there were stims for everyone. I realize Bioware was likely very backed up with so many transfers going on and so many tickets being opened, but it was annoying to not have a guild bank we could use. We did finally get our bank back last night at approximately 8pm CST, btw.

Over the past several months, I had totally forgotten what life is like on a busy server. There are a lot of advantages to it, especially when you want to find people to run heroics or dailies with. I’ve already gotten more of those done in the past few days than normal. Additionally, the Global Trade Network is more profitable because there are more people looking at the items I’m selling. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not completely hating it. But I am still not completely loving it. Forced changes to character names aside, it’s just annoying to be overwhelmed with people all the time. I’m having flashbacks of tundra mammoths parked on mailboxes in Dalalag and Stormlagwind. I feel like time has reversed itself and I’m suddenly back in the first month after launch. Tripping over people trying to tag quest mobs, having to repeat myself over and over again that just because I’m a sage does not mean I will heal you. People can make me so crazy.

Of course, all of this is overridden by the fact that I’m still with my little online family. We didn’t lose anyone due to the sudden decision. We’re all still together and we raided – I totally mean Op’d – this weekend. Being a part of a guild that meshes together as well as ours does, well it’s priceless. On the Juyo server, with it’s medium population, we were all wrapped up in our own little world and I’m sure it won’t take too many more days here on the new server to go right back to that.

All of this has made me realize something about my blog too. When you’re perfectly, completely content… you have less to write about. Actually, I could write about how awesome my guild is all the time, but I’m smart enough to know it would quickly grow old for the readers. So if nothing else the server transfers have served to give me something to blog about. I’m quite sure there will be many interactions with asshats here that I can use to entertain you guys. I hope you enjoy the forthcoming tales of the idiots we’re sharing a server with.

So We Just Transferred Servers….

The Snark Side is no longer on Juyo. In a flurry of activity, we moved yesterday. I have mixed emotions about this. Ultimately, I don’t care what my server name is; but I definitely think things could have been handled differently on Bioware’s end. For one thing, I think they should have provided a list in advance of what servers would be made origin servers and what the corresponding destination servers were going to be for all moves before any transfers started. That way, players on those servers could have mulled it over and prepared. It was not fun hearing transfers would hit some servers but not actually knowing if you were going to be affected until THE DAY it started. Complete panic mode happened. Should we move? Should we move now or wait until after our raid nights this weekend? If we wait, will we miss the window of opportunity? There was more chaos game-wide than there needed to be. There’s no reason we shouldn’t have had a list in advance.

Also, I lost my legacy name. I know a lot of people in the community did; but it really kicked me in the stomach when I realized it happened to me. I spent a long time coming up with the legacy name I wanted and I chose one that gave me an identity. There are players who just use funny names, or band names, or whatever and they probably didn’t mind having to pick a new one. But mine was a last name. One that I wanted my characters to be known by. I tried alternate spellings and those were unavailable too. Which made me realize even if I did come up with an unusual spelling, obviously several people were going to have essentially the same legacy name as me. Ugh. Stress. Rage. Sob.

I’m not going to complain this should have never happened. I understand the reason for filling up servers a bit more. It was nice to be somewhere where there is 10 times the activity there was on our old server. It should help with sales on the Global Trade Network and it will definitely help with finding someone to do a quick heroic with. There are good things about the whole process. But there was also some confusion, extra work guilds had to go through, etc. And again I will state I believe that all could have been alleviated with advance notice. Our server transfer was acted on quickly because we didn’t know what staying behind would mean. Would we be allowed to stay there for 1 week? 1 month? 6 months? Would we have to pay to transfer later? No one knew. Some of our poor guildies came home from work to login and find the guild disbanded. Discussion threads on our forums were happening too fast to keep up.

But the good news is, we’re all together. We didn’t lose any guild bank items or money. So that is good. I’ll likely post more in-depth thoughts on some of the details and specific issues next week. For now, I’m just trying to relax from all the shock and surprise of yesterday.

Friday Link Love – Where To Go For All The Info

Patch 1.2 was a big deal. Like, a REALLY big deal. It included so many things and made so many changes, I’m still discovering stuff. I would like to announce that I have sat down and taken the time to completely analyze every little detail of the patch and can easily explain it all to you.

I would like to announce that, but it would be a lie.

Luckily, you don’t need to wait for me to do so because a) it’s never going to happen and b) it’s already been done. There are some amazing posts out there that can help you, me, and everyone else understand some of the most important things the patch has given us and how they work. I highly recommend everyone check out the following links:

Legacy and Companions from Psynister.
“Today I wanted to talk just a little bit more about companions and how they relate to the Legacy system. I’ll start off by going over what perks exist in the Legacy system for companions and why you would want to unlock them, then we’ll get into how and when you unlock those perks.
I’m also going to talk about companion gifts and how they relate to each of the companions in the game as well as methods you can use to maximize your affection with your companions outside of companion gifts.”

Companion Gifts and Crafting Bonuses for 1.2 from Dulfy
“Hey everyone, with patch 1.2, you can finally gain affection with your annoying ship droid and make him get better at certain crafting skills. I thought this would be a good time to update all the previous companion gift information and add in all the crafting bonuses in one page.”

Reverse Engineering, Fashion, and Set Bonuses After 1.2 by Njessi
“…I’m editing as I find out new things..” – it’s true, she’s totally editing and updating this post continually.

SWTOR Patch 1.2 FAQ’s from Anexxia
“With a Patch as extensive as 1.2 it’s no wonder there are a lot of questions cropping up right out of the starting gate. I’ve started off with the ones I’m hearing most often. Have a question not answered here? Or keep having to answer the same question over and over for guildies? Leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the FAQs!”

Legacy Unlock: Ship Repair Droid by Blackferne at Church of Alvis
“With the Legacy system unrolling with 1.2 there are plenty of perks that people can now get. These range from social emotes to unarmed combat attacks to items you can get for your ship. As I’ve been working hard on crafting as of late I decided to get the ship repair droid.”

Patch 1.2 Flashpoint and Mini-Pet Guides from Mikro at SWTOR Life
“As part of our coverage of the newly released Legacy Patch 1.2 we have compiled two high quality guides that are a must read for any Star Wars: The Old republic player.”

Pretty awesome stuff, right? And there are probably even more pretty awesome links related to patch 1.2 that I haven’t even discovered yet. So pay attention, cause I’m getting ready to pass out some orders. First, seriously go read these amazingly helpful things I have posted above and leave some love and appreciation in the comments section for these blogs. Second, if you know of any other awesome articles about this subject that I haven’t yet discovered, link them here in the comments of this post so I can bring attention to them too.

And remember, the force is with you … always.

So Many Things, So Little Time

I seriously don’t know where to begin. SWTOR has had an amazing past few days. There’s all the great things about patch 1.2 that I could tell you about, like guild banks, UI customization, flying in spaceports … the list goes on and on. Or I could get my whine on and talk about how my spec changed and I can’t quite figure out how to adjust myself to be at my most efficient. Maybe I’ll write up my opinion on the patch later this week and expand on the great things and the tiny little list of not so great things. I’m quite sure there are changes I haven’t even discovered yet, so I’ll likely be reading the official forums quite a bit this week. Which I had already planned on doing (in addition to many other sites) because I have got to study up on the new Operation, Explosive Conflict. My amazing guild, The Snark Side, dipped our toes into EC on Saturday night and while we did make progress and started to get into a bit of a rhythm on Zorn & Toth, we probably should have been a little better prepared.

Of course there’s also a surprise world event currently going on with an infected Rakghoul invasion on Tatooine. How fun is that thing? I haven’t collected enough DNA to purchase anything cool from the special vendor yet, but I did do the special “Tracking the Origin” quest last night before work and when I turned in the quest, I got myself a little rakghoul pet. He’s called a Crimson Rakling and he’s so freaking ugly he’s adorable. I love this guy.

But my little rakghoul guy is not the only pet I have recently required. A great friend of mine was lucky enough to be able to attend PAX East last weekend and after she returned home and got rested up, she presented me with a code for an in-game Tauntaun pet. Yep, I owe her big time. After the patch went through, I received my taun fawn in the mail. He’s so cute the Twi’lek bartender kept staring at his ass. (side note: why do I make all of my pets male? I even do that in WoW.)

Oh man, so many other things. I definitely need to extend a couple of thank you’s. One big one goes out to Alexx for REALLY helping me get over my white color crystal depression and loaning me a lot of credits for me to spend foolishly. Another huge thank you goes out to NJessi for selflessly making me (and other guildies) countless variations of orange gear simply for us to try on and see if we like the way it looks. And I’m not talking about just making us useful gear, I’m talking about making me 4 or 5 different shirts/tunics and 4 or 5 different lower robes/pants JUST FOR FASHION. She rocks. She spends all of her time and money on synthweaving just so I can try on a BoE piece of gear and then say “no, I didn’t like the way that looked”. Have I mentioned I’m in the best guild ever?

Told you there were lots of things. I never fell out of love with Bioware like some people seem to have, but after the last several days I love them even more. They’ve given me plenty to talk about… if I can force myself to log out of the game long enough to write something up.

Great Things Bioware Is Saying

This Is Cool – 

Any of you that have checked your email today have probably already learned that Bioware has decided to grant a special in-game title to players who got in on the beginning of Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you haven’t received the email yet, I’m sure it will arrive soon. I am excited about this title and will likely display it on my character when we finally get it. Partly because I’m one of those jerks who likes to rub people’s faces in stuff. “Ha ha, look at me! I’ve got something that will never be available again. You’re a loser because you don’t have it. Bow to me in all my greatness.”

Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated. I’m not actually THAT big of a jerk. But I am proud of the fact that I was in at the beginning of this thing. I never played vanilla WoW and have always been jealous of the people who did. So yeah, I wanna do a little bragging about the fact that I was here for launch. Pre-launch, actually. In fact, let me take this moment to brag in a jerkish way and remind you all that I got in on December 13th, the very first day of early access. No, that doesn’t make me special or better than you. It just makes me happy in my own little pointed head.

But back to the Founder title. While I think this is a cool move on Bioware’s part and I appreciate they are recognizing they had a pretty large player base to launch with, there is one thing I do feel like being a jerk about. Anyone who purchases the game and redeems their code by March 19, 2012 get’s the title. I think that’s a bit too long of a date range. If it were up to me, I’d limit it to anyone who was in-game by the end of December. But they didn’t ask my opinion, so March 19th it is.

But Then There’s This –

While news about the Founder title has made me happy, it’s not the best thing Bioware has said this week. What has really made me squee was reading the post by James Ohlen, Game Director, that he posted in the Community News section of yesterday. The best parts were:

…We have another major update planned for March and future content arriving throughout 2012 and 2013. We plan to release new Operations, Flashpoints, Warzones, Space Missions, single player content, vehicles, and companion characters. We’ll always be improving our existing game with additions like guild banks, PVP ranked matches and interface customization. Our Legacy system expands in March, bringing more options and a new level of depth to the existing character classes.

…Expect a few surprises between these Game Updates, too. You never know when the Republic might strike Dromund Kaas, if a mysterious alien fleet could appear in the Core Worlds… or when the Rakghoul plague of Taris might infect the rest of the Galaxy. Changes are coming, and they’ll affect everyone.

…We fully intend to support Star Wars: The Old Republic—and our players—for many years to come.

How freaking amazing does that sound?

How My Legacy Name Accidentally Affected Me

So in my last post I mentioned that I had finally completed Chapter 1 on my main character and had gotten to choose my Legacy name. I had known in advance that somewhere around level 34 (depending on how quickly you completed class quests) this was going to happen. Like I’ve already mentioned, I spent a little time choosing a surname I was happy with. But other than getting the name right and reaching one of the major milestones on the way to 50, I didn’t really think much about the Legacy system. I mean, the system itself is still sort of a mystery as far as what the exact benefits are and how everything is going to work. We know it’s going to be a family tree of sorts where all of your characters on a server will be related to each other in some way, but there’s really not a whole lot of information other than that out there right now. All we have at the moment is the surname and a Legacy XP bar which begins to rack up points.

What I didn’t anticipate, since I have never been someone who does any role playing or ever worried about my alts even knowing each other, is how my Legacy name would immediately impact how I felt about my alts. I had a very low level Trooper I had created before my main completed Chapter 1 and I plan on leveling her up after Kristalys hits 50. This weekend I decided to take a break from grinding through Balmorra and spend an hour or two on the Trooper. She was only level 8 when I logged in, so you can see I hadn’t spent much time with her. And during my previous time, I had actually been having her choose some of the dark side quest options, just for fun. But when I logged in this weekend, suddenly her name was Sergeant Kristyne Greyson. Suddenly she was very definitely linked to Kristalys. And I found I just couldn’t have her pick the darkside options any more. She’s representing the family name and Kristalys is a very lightsided Jedi. Now Kristyne simply must be a good, dutiful Trooper. Also, it’s really exciting to see the Legacy XP bar just racking up the points. I can’t wait to find out what benefits I will get from it.

Already I’m wondering how this is going to play out with other characters I create. There’s supposed to be a family tree type aspect to the system, where you choose if a character is your parent, sibling, etc. I’m guessing if I ever do decide I want to level a character up with hella darkside points, I’m gonna have to make her a distant cousin or a half-sister or something. It’s just one more thing that SWTOR does that has me completely immersed in my character and her story more so than any other game I’ve ever played.

Well done, Bioware. Well done.

No Grace Period Makes Me Cry

I just read an article where I learned that while I may get into early access even earlier than expected (yes, i registered my pre-order code pretty early), once the official launch date of December 20th get’s here I’m likely screwed and won’t be able to access the game for an undetermined amount of time. Why is that, you ask? Well it’s because I’m a nerd and I chose to buy the Collector’s Edition of the game through Amazon. And now we’re being told that on the 20th we’ll be asked for our official product code and won’t be able to play until it’s entered. According to my Amazon account, my estimated delivery date is in the 2nd week of January.

Now in fairness, let me say that way back when I ordered the CE, I was aware that it wouldn’t be shipped to me before the launch date. It was something I took into account and decided I was fine with. But since then there’s been all this talk about early access and how it could be granted based off of your pre-order code. This meant I could play before receiving the box in the mail and the excitement has been building ever since. So now I can play days earlier than launch based off of that pre-order code, but I can’t play after launch. Way to play with my emotions BioWare. You got me good with this one.

Supposedly BioWare is going to talk to retailers about speeding up delivery or maybe even delivering early, and if that happens I will stop crying and get to playing. But if that doesn’t happen, I really think the early access is going to make me more sad than glad.