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So The Final Beta Testing Weekend Just Happened…

… and I finally got a chance to get in there and check this beast out for myself. I had stayed away from SWTOR related stuff after the NDA was recently lifted because I wanted to experience it all firsthand and be a total noob. I can assure you, I was a TOTAL noob. I couldn’t even join my friends in a Flashpoint on Sunday evening because I couldn’t figure out how to get there. I had passed by the instance once, just couldn’t get back to it. The force is apparently not strong with this one. But aside from that, beta was a total blast. I love, love, love this game. I am planning on making my main a Jedi Consular when the game launches for real, so I decided (thanks to some words of wisdom from a friend) to play a Sith Inquisitor during the beta. They’re basically the same role, but now I haven’t spoiled any story lines or anything for my new character. It will all be new and exciting.

I had big plans to write big posts about what I experienced during beta, but the more I leveled up, the more I realized I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone else. So I’ve decided not to post any specific details. I realize I’m flattering myself by pretending more than 4 people will even read this post, but just in case one of those 4 doesn’t want to know too many details, I have decided to keep it pretty generic.

And so I present a copy of the notepad notes I jotted down during game play:

– Love the fact that quests are given by cut scenes with voice actors. I pay more attention, stopped reading quest text in WoW, but listen to every word here.
– Repair is a little weird, it’s a separate tab on a vendor and you have to choose each individual item you want to repair. **edit – found the “repair all” button at bottom of window.
– Unlike the RIFT beta, I am not comparing every little thing to WoW. I’m not worried about what is happening in WoW while playing.
– I do miss the whole hearthstone type thing. I really have no idea where I need to be for resting experience. What is considered my home base? Oh wait, that must be what quick travel is. Too bad I blew my cooldown by just clicking on it to see what it does.
– I do like that items which are used during the quest are on a separate tab in your inventory and not just mixed in with the rest of your random loot.
– My pc is handling it awesomely well. I’ve got my graphics settings turned all the way up and no issues. Woot.
– I don’t know if I missed the explanation somewhere, or if they just didn’t bother explaining it, but I found the ship that transports you up to the Imperial Fleet and from there you can go to another planet. I just don’t know if I’m supposed to go somewhere else now or wait til a quest tells me to.

That was all VERY riveting, yes? Later this week I’ll up the excitement around here even more as I post some generic screenshots I took during the opening video which everyone has already seen as one of the trailers. YOU’RE WELCOME!