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Does This Mean I’m Vain?

Real life = Crazy. Nuff said.

Moving on… I have switched from using Tharan to do dailies with to using Nadia. The main reason is because I am keeping Tharan out running slicing missions constantly trying to gather pretty purple sliced tech parts. I figure he’s likely happier running around the galaxy with his beloved Holiday instead of following me around all day anyway. So Nadia got promoted; but before I could allow myself to be seen in public with her once again, I had to give her a makeover. I was not a fan of original Nadia at all – she looked like an emo teenager to me. Unfortunately, one of the things I hated about her most was the blue tattoos smeared across her face and it turns out you cannot have a Nadia without blue face tattoos. Bummer. Not that I have an issue with face tattoos, I just like them to be a little more subtle. I finally decided to go with the customization that managed to cover her face a bit and give her hair the same color as mine. Because my hair is awesome.

Then I dressed her in a shirt that matches mine.

Is that weird? 😛

My Custom UI

One thing I was excited about when Patch 1.2 hit was being able to work on customizing my UI. While I had obviously gotten completely used to the default UI, I really wanted more open screen space. The first thing I did, before moving anything around, was to use the “Global Scale” option to make the entire thing smaller. I settled at .8 because I gained a lot of extra area but I could still clearly read all text and see the icons for each of my icon buttons easily. Once I got the overall scale where I wanted it I just started moving things around. Some elements did get scaled individually once I got them in the position I wanted them.

This first screenshot shows how it looks when in an 8 man Operation. You might notice that the action bars are just a tiny bit out of alignment. The two main bars in the center are fine, but the re-arranged one on the left is a tad too low and the one on the right is a tad too high. I promise you, I have fixed that since this screenshot was taken. It was driving me crazy. The other thing to point out is that my companion frame is what you see in the upper left corner but since I’m in an Ops group, he’s obviously dismissed.

Finally, I want to talk about the fact that I have 2 chat boxes, one on the bottom left and one on the bottom right. People are always curious about this. Basically, the one on the left is set to only show the Guild channel, anything related to Ops or Party, when a guildie logs in (so I can say hi) and when someone whispers me. The chat box on the right only shows what is not shown in the left. The reason for this is not because I want to read general chat with no distractions, but because I want to be able to read guild, ops & party chat with no distractions but I still want to be able to see what loot I just picked up or when a boss goes into a frenzy, etc. This is actually pretty similar to how my WoW interface is setup.

click to embiggen:

Here’s what the interface editor looks like to achieve the screenshot above:

And here’s an alternate version I created in case I ever get in a 16 man Operation. The only difference is moving the lower right chat box up to the upper right and expanding the Operations frame out to the right to show 16 instead of 8.

Stormtrooper Shuffle – LMFAO Star Wars Parody

It’s Friday. I’m lazy. Everybody dance.

Operations Are Srs Bzns

While we’ve had our share of trouble with bugs, The Snark Side has been doing a damn good job of progressing through Operations since starting them last month. It’s because we have the best group of people ever assembled. True story. Dependable, responsible, mature people who know how to stay focused. Running Ops is serious business and to succeed you have to be surrounded by people who are committed to working hard. There’s no time for goofing off or wasting time or

… wait a minute…

what the hell?


Oh right, I took this picture. Tee hee.

My Hippie Ways, I Cannot Lose Them

When I first rolled Kristalys I had a 4 year history of being an herbalist on almost every character I ever played in World of Warcraft, so with all of the shiny new crew skills available to me in SWTOR I decided I would NOT pick flowers. I chose archaeology, slicing and treasure hunting (no crafting because I’m greedy and wanted to make money off selling mats). Cut to a little over 2 months later and yesterday I found myself dropping my maxed out archaeology and picking up bioanalysis. Then I spent the rest of the day leveling it up and revisiting all the lowbie planets to farm some flowers.

Why did I succumb to my old ways? Because my guild is getting ready to begin our raiding schedule and the couple of people who have been leveling up biochem are graciously trying their best to provide us with all the stims, medpacs, etc. we may need. And I hear tell some of the mats are expensive. Since I wasn’t doing anything useful with my 3 gathering skills other than just making money for myself, I decided I would be the perfect candidate to help supply red goo for the good of the guild. Besides, I’m a completionist and had already wanted to revisit all the planets to try and complete my codex.

So I’m back to picking flowers and I gotta admit, I’m fine with it. Although now I’m not really sure why I decided this qualified as something important enough to post about. Seemed like a good idea when I wrote the title. Actually, I probably should have just stopped there. A post title and a picture of a hippie. In fact, just go ahead and pretend that’s all that’s here. Ignore the rest of this.

Oh, and if you happen to be on my server please send me all your red goo. kthxbai

Pretty In Pink: SWTOR Edition

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere here before (too lazy to look it up though) but I have a history of being very greedy in games and trying to amass as much money as possible. I really don’t know how this developed. I mean, I love to amass money in real life too, but in video games I collect it and then don’t want to spend it, whereas in real life I spend it all the time on all the things. I would be so much better off if I could switch those two things around; but I digress.

Point is, I logged in the other day and smiled to myself to notice I had finally topped the 1 million credits mark. Then it hit me – I could actually afford to buy the highly sought after (and extremely highly priced) Magenta color crystal for my lightsaber and I could even justify it as a necessary purchase on my road to raid readiness due to the fact it would increase the crit on my weapon by +17. Yay for me!

I was already parked in front of the GTN kiosk selling some of my archaeology materials, so I quickly did a search and purchased one for $395k credits. It did hurt just a bit to let that much money go, but I still had over 700k left and WHO CARES I HAVE A PRETTY PINK LIGHTSABER! Yay for spending money!

A Little Bit Of Friday Fun

It’s been a long, rough week at work (not really but that sounds more dramatic; it’s been a pretty typical week at work) and my brain is too zapped to do a lot of witty writing (I know, I don’t write witty even when I don’t have an excuse) so I’m just going to throw a few screenshots at you and maybe type out a caveman sentence or two describing them.

First up, last night = bow chicka wow wow with Lt. Iresso.

Next I wanted to introduce you to my Sith Inquisitor. Her name is Regan and she lives on Drooga’s Pleasure Barge. Just a fun little vacation alt for when I get tired of my Jedi ways and wanna kill people with lightning.

There is something about her that I just absolutely love. I actually think she’s the prettiest of all my characters. Those gray eyes are so piercing.

And though she’s only level 10 and I haven’t logged in with her much at all, some of my best screenshots have come from playing her. The lightning definitely helps. And I love the overload ability too. So here’s a few screenshots of Regan. I hope you enjoy.

Happy Star Wars: The Old Republic New Year!

It’s a beautiful new year and I’m happy to be playing this beautiful new game. Ah, 2012 you are off to an excellent start. I’m a little light on any actual content worth reading right now as I’m still trying to catch up, clean up and rest up from the holiday season. So again, I am going to throw some screenshots at you and hope that satisfies for now. Real, actual posts are incoming this week. I promise.