Monthly Archives: October 2012

The One Where I’m Doing It Right

Seriously, if you’re going to spend your time flirting with someone you might as well flirt your ass off.

I Finally Have The Red Rhombus Title

I got a few weeks behind the rest of the guild thanks to my busy schedule, but this weekend I finally got a chance to finish Terror From Beyond on story mode and collect my new title. They had downed the dude a few weeks ago without me, but I still felt pretty special when I got the chance to pwn him in his ugly face. I love being in a guild where we stay current on content. We rock!

Also, how kick ass is this screenshot?

The Snark Side Is Recruiting

You’ve heard me rave repeatedly on this blog about how I’m in the best guild ever. Well, now may be your chance to join the awesomeness. We are currently recruiting and looking for 3 or 4 cool-ass people to join our ranks. We are accepting applications for any class/role but we would benefit the most from tank, healer and ranged dps. Interested? Please check out all the official info, including links to our General Rules, our Raiding Guidelines and our application, by going to The Snark Side Blog. That post I linked you to is from August, but all the information is still valid. Please retweet this, please share with your friends. A guild this awesome is hard to come by. 😛

Red Is My Favorite Color

This is a picture of a Shuttle Pilot for the Republic Transport Service standing next to the shuttle that takes you from the Illum: Republic Orbital Station down to the planet of Illum itself. I want her clothes. SO BADLY. Red is my favorite color and on the Republic side of things there are so few red items. These clothes would totally match my Longspur Blaze. I would be smiling, styling and profiling.