Will I? Won’t I? Wish I Knew.

One week from today, my domain name will expire. Unless I renew it, of course. But will I renew it? I HAVE NO IDEA.

I am still playing, but I am obviously not blogging. Yet even though I know I’m not blogging and I’m not sure that’s going to change anytime soon, it makes me sad to think of losing this domain name. What to do? What to do?

The cost of the renewal is no big deal, money is not the issue. The issue is obviously my lack of posting. The Snark Side is still actively raiding and having a lot of fun doing so, but that doesn’t generate a lot of blog content. Outside of raiding, I’ve not been too active. I’ve got a few alts started but seem to have lost interest in them. I absolutely have no interest in running Black Hole dailies over and over and I don’t need the commendations for anything anyway. I’ve got a decent amount of money stored up. I hate to say I’m bored with the game, because the nights I raid are so fun, but I’m smart enough to know it’s because I love my guildies and I would have fun raiding with them regardless of the game. So maybe I SHOULD say I’m bored.


I hate this. I want to be a happy little blogger. I used to really enjoy blogging when I first started this one and I always enjoyed my WoW blog… even when it was just silly little fluff pieces or screenshots. Now I’m not blogging anywhere. It makes me sad.

Guess I need to do some more thinking on this. I still have a week to come up with something.

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  1. Save yourself 15 or 30 bucks a month and play GW2 with me >:D

  2. Maybe turn All For the Wookiee into a general blog while the TOR news cycle picks up steam? Or just mothball it and come back later, resplendent and refreshed, a vision among us mere mortals!

    Either way, keep the URL cuz OMGITZAWESOME.

    • I suppose if nothing else there will always be something related to Star Wars that I could post here if I wanted. Maybe even toss in a personal post or two at some point.

  3. aww… I’m sorry! I know how that is. Even when I have nothing to blog about I miss it!

    I’m sorry that you’re not enjoying the game as much aside from raiiding, but that’s good that you have a good group to work with! At least you’re still enjoying that!

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