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This Game Is Going To Kill Me

I hate to actually admit it out loud, but this game is starting to piss me off. I’ve gotten used to the various bugs in Operations which cause wipes for no reason. I’ve gotten used to how fucking hard it is to use the GTN with it’s clunkiness. But some things are getting hard to ignore. Like the fact that everyone needs augments, augments require Advanced Neural Augmentors and I never seem to be able to get many of those.

On my main toon, I have 2 companions maxed out on affection and one of them is Tharan who has +10 slicing. I run both of these guys on Mysterious Funds and Whispers On The Net (2 of the abundant tech parts missions) non-stop with an occasional Extinguish The Sun thrown in and I would say I average 3 Advanced Neural Augmentors every 80 runs. THAT’S HORSESHIT! Yes, I know I can buy the level 340 slicing missions from the GTN to get a guaranteed 4 purple augmentors and the missions I’m running will only return them on a crit. But doesn’t the rate of crits, or actually the lack thereof, bother anyone else? It’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to buy them, I LEVELED UP SLICING! And here’s a weird coincidence… my level 15 bank alt finally has slicing up to grade 6 but she’s not yet at 400 and now that I’ve started sending out T7 with about 30% affection he has returned purple augmentors 3 out of 6 missions. I found a few other discussions by googling the subject which seem to indicate there is a better chance at crits if the skill isn’t maxed out and the character isn’t level 50. ISN’T THAT WEIRD? I’m not saying that’s actually what’s going on or that it’s by design, but my experience sure does make it seem true and other people are talking about it too. I’m not bitching about this because I want to sell these things and make a profit, I’m running these missions for the good of the guild. We’re a raiding team, everyone needs their shit augmented. We’re chipping in and working together to make that happen. No, I’m not the only slicer but yes, others are having a terrible return rate on these too. I am so angry. Grrrr.

The reason this is boiling over is because of the recent server move which was forced on us (again) with no real advanced notice. I work 3rd shift and I don’t log in every day, so imagine my surprise when I was at work Monday night / Tuesday morning reading our guild forums and seeing a post from our GM that she just found on on that Monday we would be moved to a new server the following day. Which was already here by the time I read it. I panicked. I’m the official banker, do I need to empty the bank like I did the last time we were forced to move? Will the guild need to be disbanded and re-formed? Not that any of that would have mattered because it was already too late. From what I gather, we had less than a 24 hour notice about the move. That’s so completely not cool. Yes, they did move the guild and guild bank for us so there was nothing that needed to be done, but big fucking deal. I was already on a server that averaged 2 instances of the Fleet and Black Hole and was very populated. And I ended up on that server because they moved us off of my original server and I lost my legacy name and several character names. Now we’re moved again. To an even bigger server. As if running Black Hole dailies didn’t already suck enough. I lost another character name. Woo-fucking-hoo. Yes, I did get to change my legacy name back to what it was originally, but honestly it just doesn’t mean anything to me anymore because now anyone can have it. It’s not special anymore. It’s not legacy anymore. It’s just a fucking name. I am one of the few who got in on the first day of early access. I am absolutely a founder of this game and I am not happy with the way things are going. Grrrr.


I did decide to renew my domain name. Even though it’s rarely used these days, I did enjoy blogging here back when I was more active and the name still cracks me up, so I had to save it. Now if I ever do find anything I want to say about SWTOR, I still have a platform I can use. Honestly, it may happen sooner than later because I’ve been getting real cranky lately about how often my rich and abundant slicing missions DON’T yield the Advanced Neural Augmentor, even though I’m running them constantly with 2 companions who are maxed out on affection. Grrr…. now I’m pissed off all over again just thinking about it.

Anywho, long live

Will I? Won’t I? Wish I Knew.

One week from today, my domain name will expire. Unless I renew it, of course. But will I renew it? I HAVE NO IDEA.

I am still playing, but I am obviously not blogging. Yet even though I know I’m not blogging and I’m not sure that’s going to change anytime soon, it makes me sad to think of losing this domain name. What to do? What to do?

The cost of the renewal is no big deal, money is not the issue. The issue is obviously my lack of posting. The Snark Side is still actively raiding and having a lot of fun doing so, but that doesn’t generate a lot of blog content. Outside of raiding, I’ve not been too active. I’ve got a few alts started but seem to have lost interest in them. I absolutely have no interest in running Black Hole dailies over and over and I don’t need the commendations for anything anyway. I’ve got a decent amount of money stored up. I hate to say I’m bored with the game, because the nights I raid are so fun, but I’m smart enough to know it’s because I love my guildies and I would have fun raiding with them regardless of the game. So maybe I SHOULD say I’m bored.


I hate this. I want to be a happy little blogger. I used to really enjoy blogging when I first started this one and I always enjoyed my WoW blog… even when it was just silly little fluff pieces or screenshots. Now I’m not blogging anywhere. It makes me sad.

Guess I need to do some more thinking on this. I still have a week to come up with something.