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I Will Pop A (Toy) Cap In Your Ass

I’m a bad ass Smuggler. Known across the galaxy (or soon will be) for leaving a trail of broken hearts and empty wallets. Always looking out for me. Walking with an attitude. Dressed like a space age biker chick.

Carrying a couple of bright orange Nerf guns….




Happy Memorial Day

There are many things I love about this image, such as the R2D2 BBQ grill and the wookiee apron saying “kiss the wook”. But the absolute best thing about it is what’s actually on the grill. Can you tell what that is? It’s the head of Jar Jar Binks. Lol. Brilliant. Also, I should mention this image was stolen from the interwebz, namely HERE.

Ohai there. Long time no see. I apologize for that. It’s been all my fault and I could attempt to explain it to you but it would likely bore us all to death. Suffice it to say I am still interested in blogging here. I have not quit, don’t give up on me. But for today I just wanted to pop in here and wish you all a fun and safe holiday weekend. Yes, I know the majority of said holiday weekend has passed. I’m a procrastinator. As if you couldn’t tell already.

New To Blogging? Want To Start A Blog? Read this…

Whether you are someone who is thinking of starting a blog, once dreamed of starting a blog, or have recently started a blog, May is a good month for you. Why? Because right now there is a fantastic event going on for the entire month of May called the Newbie Blogger Initiative, also known as NBI. The post I just linked to was written by Syp over on BioBreak and while that is the introductory post from May 1st and includes all the basic information you need to know, be sure to look through the newer posts for even more information about the NBI and for some new blog love and linkage.

There’s even an official NBI Forum that’s already filling up with Question and Answer threads and various other helpful topics. I encourage all of you to register there and begin participating whether you are doing so from the Newbie perspective or as an experienced veteran who is willing to help others. But let me point out that while registering is free, as soon as you fill out your information and hit submit you get 3 or 4 spam/advertising messages trying to get your cellphone number and various other info. So be paying attention and just click the red “PASS” link you will see at the top right of these messages. I have registered this morning, but since I’m neither a noob nor an expert I will likely just lurk and soak in some knowledge. There is always something to learn somewhere.

Now let’s make a deal. Since I have brought this to your attention and since I love to see blogging communities grow, if you start a blog (or have recently started) related to either Star Wars: The Old Republic or World of Warcraft then leave me a note in the comments here or email me at the address you see in that there column on the right side and share your new blog link with me. I’ll add it to my blogroll here if it’s SWTOR related and my WoW blog if it’s WoW related and I will try my best to drum up some traffic for you.

Okay, that’s about it. I don’t know much about the Newbie Blogger Initiative since I just stumbled across it last night, but I recognized it’s a good thing and I knew I needed to share. Which reminds me, I should give a shout-out to Matticus of World of Matticus because I heard about NBI while reading his blog. And speaking of reading Matt’s blog, all bloggers, whether new or otherwise, need to check out his post: Does Your Blog’s About Page Answer These 7 Questions?. He has totally convinced me to do something about my “About” page. But even though he has inspired me, he can’t make me unlazy so I’m sure it will take me a few days.

In closing, I’d just like to say … GET OUT THERE AND START (CONTINUE) BLOGGING!

Bits And Pieces

There are generally 2 reasons why my blog posting will temporarily slow down. One is life is too busy, work is too hard, not enough time in the day, etc. The other common reason is the one I’m currently suffering from… I”m so absorbed into the game that I don’t log out and leave myself enough time to do everything else I need to do.

Thanks to our guild’s very own “Mad Crafter”, Njessi, Kristalys is wearing a lot of augmented orange gear, is in a good routine of doing dailies (though not daily :P), and doesn’t require as much constant attention. Which means I finally get to spend some time working with alts. It’s been a total blast getting back into the amazing storyline questing that SWTOR does so damn well. It’s sucking up a lot of my time. I’m still not a super-fast leveler because I still spend a lot of time gawking around. But it’s keeping me very entertained.

I am also getting comfortable with raiding and don’t spend all day Friday and Saturday freaking out about how I may derp things up. And speaking of raiding, we’ve got a guildie who’s new to raiding who recently hit 50 and is starting to run with us. We also have a new trial member who answered our recruiting call for a healer and HOLY COW SHE LEVELED TO 50 IN 2 WEEKS so she could get in some raiding with us before it’s time to decide on her permanent status with us. So raiding has been a bit more light-hearted recently as we’ve welcomed these noobs into the fold.

During the first Eternity Vault clear with the noobs, our new trial member healer, Graceless, won the big-daddy Caddy that dropped. After we got back to the fleet she and I totally went cruising in style together.

But before we headed back to the fleet we decided to strike a pose and get a screenshot to commemorate the event of the noob’s first clear. I got a little distracted.

The next night, during a joint event with The Church of Alvis, we ran through Karagga’s Palace and all busted up laughing when we rounded a corner to see that Biscotti had ran ahead and lounged himself on a couch in the hallway. I don’t know exactly why it was so funny, but trust me, it was. You can see him in the bottom right corner just chillin.

Last, I started a new Sith Inquisitor on Juyo to take advantage of the Legacy system and I’ve had a lot of fun working with her. This is like the 4th time I’ve leveled a Sith Inquisitor up to the fleet and it’s still a blast every time. Jordynn here is level 14 and she’s a keeper. I can’t wait to see how much more fun the class gets as I keep going.

The end.