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Friday Link Love – Where To Go For All The Info

Patch 1.2 was a big deal. Like, a REALLY big deal. It included so many things and made so many changes, I’m still discovering stuff. I would like to announce that I have sat down and taken the time to completely analyze every little detail of the patch and can easily explain it all to you.

I would like to announce that, but it would be a lie.

Luckily, you don’t need to wait for me to do so because a) it’s never going to happen and b) it’s already been done. There are some amazing posts out there that can help you, me, and everyone else understand some of the most important things the patch has given us and how they work. I highly recommend everyone check out the following links:

Legacy and Companions from Psynister.
“Today I wanted to talk just a little bit more about companions and how they relate to the Legacy system. I’ll start off by going over what perks exist in the Legacy system for companions and why you would want to unlock them, then we’ll get into how and when you unlock those perks.
I’m also going to talk about companion gifts and how they relate to each of the companions in the game as well as methods you can use to maximize your affection with your companions outside of companion gifts.”

Companion Gifts and Crafting Bonuses for 1.2 from Dulfy
“Hey everyone, with patch 1.2, you can finally gain affection with your annoying ship droid and make him get better at certain crafting skills. I thought this would be a good time to update all the previous companion gift information and add in all the crafting bonuses in one page.”

Reverse Engineering, Fashion, and Set Bonuses After 1.2 by Njessi
“…I’m editing as I find out new things..” – it’s true, she’s totally editing and updating this post continually.

SWTOR Patch 1.2 FAQ’s from Anexxia
“With a Patch as extensive as 1.2 it’s no wonder there are a lot of questions cropping up right out of the starting gate. I’ve started off with the ones I’m hearing most often. Have a question not answered here? Or keep having to answer the same question over and over for guildies? Leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the FAQs!”

Legacy Unlock: Ship Repair Droid by Blackferne at Church of Alvis
“With the Legacy system unrolling with 1.2 there are plenty of perks that people can now get. These range from social emotes to unarmed combat attacks to items you can get for your ship. As I’ve been working hard on crafting as of late I decided to get the ship repair droid.”

Patch 1.2 Flashpoint and Mini-Pet Guides from Mikro at SWTOR Life
“As part of our coverage of the newly released Legacy Patch 1.2 we have compiled two high quality guides that are a must read for any Star Wars: The Old republic player.”

Pretty awesome stuff, right? And there are probably even more pretty awesome links related to patch 1.2 that I haven’t even discovered yet. So pay attention, cause I’m getting ready to pass out some orders. First, seriously go read these amazingly helpful things I have posted above and leave some love and appreciation in the comments section for these blogs. Second, if you know of any other awesome articles about this subject that I haven’t yet discovered, link them here in the comments of this post so I can bring attention to them too.

And remember, the force is with you … always.

My Custom UI

One thing I was excited about when Patch 1.2 hit was being able to work on customizing my UI. While I had obviously gotten completely used to the default UI, I really wanted more open screen space. The first thing I did, before moving anything around, was to use the “Global Scale” option to make the entire thing smaller. I settled at .8 because I gained a lot of extra area but I could still clearly read all text and see the icons for each of my icon buttons easily. Once I got the overall scale where I wanted it I just started moving things around. Some elements did get scaled individually once I got them in the position I wanted them.

This first screenshot shows how it looks when in an 8 man Operation. You might notice that the action bars are just a tiny bit out of alignment. The two main bars in the center are fine, but the re-arranged one on the left is a tad too low and the one on the right is a tad too high. I promise you, I have fixed that since this screenshot was taken. It was driving me crazy. The other thing to point out is that my companion frame is what you see in the upper left corner but since I’m in an Ops group, he’s obviously dismissed.

Finally, I want to talk about the fact that I have 2 chat boxes, one on the bottom left and one on the bottom right. People are always curious about this. Basically, the one on the left is set to only show the Guild channel, anything related to Ops or Party, when a guildie logs in (so I can say hi) and when someone whispers me. The chat box on the right only shows what is not shown in the left. The reason for this is not because I want to read general chat with no distractions, but because I want to be able to read guild, ops & party chat with no distractions but I still want to be able to see what loot I just picked up or when a boss goes into a frenzy, etc. This is actually pretty similar to how my WoW interface is setup.

click to embiggen:

Here’s what the interface editor looks like to achieve the screenshot above:

And here’s an alternate version I created in case I ever get in a 16 man Operation. The only difference is moving the lower right chat box up to the upper right and expanding the Operations frame out to the right to show 16 instead of 8.

Stormtrooper Shuffle – LMFAO Star Wars Parody

It’s Friday. I’m lazy. Everybody dance.

Rakghoul Invasion Screenshots

The Rakghoul Invasion World Event has been a total blast. Other than the fact that I killed the 3 world bosses on Sunday and did NOT get the title, I’ve loved every minute of this infection party. Below are some screenshots I’ve taken of the people and places around the event.

as usual, click to embiggen

Is it sad that I am so amused by the plague parties on the fleet? I find myself standing there just getting infected and dancing til I die. Lol. The simplest things amuse me.

So Many Things, So Little Time

I seriously don’t know where to begin. SWTOR has had an amazing past few days. There’s all the great things about patch 1.2 that I could tell you about, like guild banks, UI customization, flying in spaceports … the list goes on and on. Or I could get my whine on and talk about how my spec changed and I can’t quite figure out how to adjust myself to be at my most efficient. Maybe I’ll write up my opinion on the patch later this week and expand on the great things and the tiny little list of not so great things. I’m quite sure there are changes I haven’t even discovered yet, so I’ll likely be reading the official forums quite a bit this week. Which I had already planned on doing (in addition to many other sites) because I have got to study up on the new Operation, Explosive Conflict. My amazing guild, The Snark Side, dipped our toes into EC on Saturday night and while we did make progress and started to get into a bit of a rhythm on Zorn & Toth, we probably should have been a little better prepared.

Of course there’s also a surprise world event currently going on with an infected Rakghoul invasion on Tatooine. How fun is that thing? I haven’t collected enough DNA to purchase anything cool from the special vendor yet, but I did do the special “Tracking the Origin” quest last night before work and when I turned in the quest, I got myself a little rakghoul pet. He’s called a Crimson Rakling and he’s so freaking ugly he’s adorable. I love this guy.

But my little rakghoul guy is not the only pet I have recently required. A great friend of mine was lucky enough to be able to attend PAX East last weekend and after she returned home and got rested up, she presented me with a code for an in-game Tauntaun pet. Yep, I owe her big time. After the patch went through, I received my taun fawn in the mail. He’s so cute the Twi’lek bartender kept staring at his ass. (side note: why do I make all of my pets male? I even do that in WoW.)

Oh man, so many other things. I definitely need to extend a couple of thank you’s. One big one goes out to Alexx for REALLY helping me get over my white color crystal depression and loaning me a lot of credits for me to spend foolishly. Another huge thank you goes out to NJessi for selflessly making me (and other guildies) countless variations of orange gear simply for us to try on and see if we like the way it looks. And I’m not talking about just making us useful gear, I’m talking about making me 4 or 5 different shirts/tunics and 4 or 5 different lower robes/pants JUST FOR FASHION. She rocks. She spends all of her time and money on synthweaving just so I can try on a BoE piece of gear and then say “no, I didn’t like the way that looked”. Have I mentioned I’m in the best guild ever?

Told you there were lots of things. I never fell out of love with Bioware like some people seem to have, but after the last several days I love them even more. They’ve given me plenty to talk about… if I can force myself to log out of the game long enough to write something up.

I Can’t Believe That Just Happened

I’m a procrastinator. I openly admit it. So of course I waited until the last minute (yesterday) to decide I wanted to buy a white color crystal before the patch hit and they disappeared. Unfortunately, I didn’t have nearly enough money. I needed to make roughly 800k between the time I got home from work yesterday morning (3rd shifter) and the time the servers were scheduled to go down (11pm my local time). As soon as I got home, I logged in and started trying to make money. Someone told me pvp was a quick and easy moneymaker, so even though I never pvp I queued up for several matches. While I did have way more fun than I expected, I did not make much money from them. Not compared to the time spent, anyways. I do have slicing maxed out, so I was sending out all 4 of my minions on slicing missions the entire time. But I needed more than that.

The next thing I tried was space missions. I had heard you can make pretty good money off of those. I have always basically avoided space missions because I just don’t seem to be very good at them, but decided I would grin and bear it if they made me some quick money. I only had grade 1 gear for my ship, so the first thing I did was upgrade everything to grade 5. That took approximately $100,000 credits. I was definitely going the wrong direction. But the day was still young and I was now prepared to head into space. I will say that combat was much easier with the new upgrades and I did manage to complete several missions with no issue. But the money wasn’t as big as I wanted it to be, so I moved on.

Of course I did my dailies on Ilum and Belsavis, those are pretty good money makers. I even managed to find some random stranger to do one of the daily heroics with me. So I made up a pretty good chunk there. Next I headed to Corelia and finished up some quests there I had never bothered to finish. Also, I should mention, this whole time I’m stopping for every slicing and bioanalysis node I pass and I’m playing the Global Trade Network by mailing everything to an alt every couple of hours and putting all the mission schematics I’m getting from my slicing up for sale. Those things sell good, I made quite a bit of money just from those.

From there I went to Voss and completed bonus quests while watching for chests and nodes. Rinse and repeat. Tried another pvp match. Tried another space mission. Started the whole process over. Blah, blah. Basically all you need to realize is two things: 1. this took all day 2. I had not had any sleep since I woke up and went to work on Tuesday evening … and I am supposed to be back at work at midnight on Wednesday.

You guessed it, I called in sick to work. I’m not proud of it. I’m actually rather disgusted with myself that I put the damn game ahead of my job for even a day just because I wanted a white color crystal. As the day went on, I obviously grew more and more tired. By 7pm I had been up over 24 hours and since my job requires sitting in front of a pc and the game requires sitting in front of a pc, it was an exhausting 24 hours of sitting on my ass staring at a pc screen. Ugh. The more tired I became, the slower I was making money. But I was close and I knew that unless something major went wrong, I WAS going to make it.

Finally, about 2 hours before the scheduled server shutdown, I had collected all the money I needed for the crystal as well as a small pocket of extra money so I would be able to pay for repairs over the next few days while I tried to rebuild my bank. I used my emergency fleet pass to get back to the fleet. I logged into my alts and sent all of their money over to my main. As I went to the crystal vendor, I realized with only like $10,000 more I would have enough money to get a white crystal and one of the purple ones. Woot! I still had several minutes before my companions all returned from their missions, so I decided to make a quick run back through Belsavis because I know where several lootable chests are.

You guys, here’s the bad part of the story. I really don’t even know exactly what happened next. I remember thinking about buying both crystals, being a tiny bit short and deciding to go to Belsavis. I should have been able to get there, round up 10k in like 20 minutes and get back to the crystal vendor with over an hour to spare. But that’s not what happened. What happened was I startled myself awake about 3 hours later and found myself hunched over my keyboard, staring at a server list on my screen because maintenance had started. I fell asleep. I hadn’t bought any crystals. Even though I had just been at the vendor and had enough money for the white one, I didn’t click the fucking button. I wanted to do one more thing first. And then my body betrayed me.

So, yeah, there ya go. I’m a loser who chose to play SWTOR over going to work because I had one very big goal I was trying to achieve, and then I didn’t achieve it. I really can’t even describe for you how I felt when I woke up at my desk and realized what happened. Or how I feel now, for that matter. I guess I would say I’m disgusted. Disgusted at myself for being so stupid. I’m so disgusted with myself I can’t even really be angry. It was just a stupid day full of stupid decisions. Being stupid doesn’t pay, kids. I just proved that. I’m trying to make myself concentrate on the silver lining here, and that is I now have plenty of money in-game for anything I may need. Sigh. Yeah, it totally wasn’t worth it.

Because Everyone Needs A Good Laugh

Yep, those are two of my guildies all decked out in Columni gear after a good month of raiding. It’s okay, you can laugh at them. We certainly do. Clearly whoever designed this particular set of gear has a thing for bananas. And priests. I should stop there.

(click to get a better view … it’s totally worth it)

Operations Are Srs Bzns

While we’ve had our share of trouble with bugs, The Snark Side has been doing a damn good job of progressing through Operations since starting them last month. It’s because we have the best group of people ever assembled. True story. Dependable, responsible, mature people who know how to stay focused. Running Ops is serious business and to succeed you have to be surrounded by people who are committed to working hard. There’s no time for goofing off or wasting time or

… wait a minute…

what the hell?


Oh right, I took this picture. Tee hee.

Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Check me out! I am big pimpin’ round the fleet, blasting some Lil Wayne, doing the gangsta lean in my brand new ride. Saturday night I got my first SOA kill and we saw the Tirsa Elite mount drop for the first time even though it was the guild’s second SOA kill. Somehow, I rolled a 94 and won it. SQUEEEE!!!

Let me repeat that. On my first kill, I won the mount. Of course, when I was googling it a few minutes ago to make sure I spelled the name right, I noticed quite a few pages where it was mentioned this has a fairly high drop rate so I suppose if it’s not super rare, I shouldn’t be so excited. BUT I AM ANYWAY.

In other news, my 3 Month Update – Blog Post Roundup has been updated with a couple of new links that have found their way to me since Friday.