Fashion Update: Let Them Wear Pants

Thanks to my wonderful guildie Njessi and her craftiness, I have temporarily shed the skirt/dress/lower robe and I’m actually wearing pants. Err.. well the item is still called a lower robe but that’s just a technicality. The only minor problem is that on my skinny ass type 1 body, the crotchal area of the pants look a tad bit weird (bunched up) so I changed my shirt out for this cape thing with a ribbon thing that covers the crotchal area. Yes, I do have a way with words. Thanks for noticing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to have someone be completely happy with their wardrobe, so the ribbon thing that covers my crotch has to create it’s own problem by turning all sideways when I’m in my fighting stance and looking like some weird, twisted third leg that doesn’t quite touch the ground. But, what can you do? Now that I’m getting some more raiding time in this weekend, I’ll likely be updating my gear soon anyway. Until then, I’m pretty happy with this outfit considering the alternatives. And besides, it’s special simply because it was made for me by a friend and she didn’t even make me pay for it. Yep, my guild is THAT awesome.

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