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3 Month Update – Blog Post Roundup

** Update: new links added to the end of the list

Last week I wrote a post about how things are going for me after 3 months of the game being live. I was interested in seeing how other players felt after 3 months so I proposed it become a community blog topic and encouraged other SWTOR bloggers to write their own 3 month update post. I was very happy to see several of you decided to participate and I have now rounded up all of those post links (that I am aware of) so that I could put them all together here in one spot. I am so excited this happened and I hope that we (as in the SWTOR blogging community) can find even more topics to share and participate in. In fact, right now I’m going to propose that you all start thinking of some good topics you believe multiple authors will have a good feel for and post it as the new community blog topic. Feel free to leave a comment on this post with any ideas if you want and we’ll see if we can get something started.

Now on to the 3 Month Update links (in no particular order):

Three Month Review by Shintar of Going Commando
Three Month Review by Lura of LuraGames
Three Months in Review by Mythbusting at Inquisitive Myths
Three Months In by Njessi of Hawtpants of the Old Republic
Stolen Ideas: 3 Month Review by Targeter of Imperial Intelligence
Three Months: Srs Bznz Edition by Iyeri of Summertime On Hoth
Under The Wire by Alex of A New Dope
Quartered – A three month review by DraconianOne of Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies
Three months later by Lyrestra of The Sith Code
Three month review: SWTOR by Telwyn of GamingSF
Three Months In by Peal at Peal’s Heals
Three Months In a Galaxy Far Far Away by Zahia of One More Alt
3 Months and a Half Later by Lonomonkey of Screaming Monkeys

If any of you are aware of a 3 month update post that didn’t get listed here, please bring it to my attention. I am so thrilled I got this kind of response and I thought all of these posts were so brilliant. I still suck at leaving comments when I visit other blogs and that’s something I need to work on improving, but I truly am reading. I actually discovered a couple of new blogs thanks to this project and I promise I will be updating my blogroll over the weekend to include you guys in it.

So that was fun, right? What’s our next community topic going to be?

Two Quick Things And A Bonus Screenshot

1. I have not forgotten I said I’d do a round-up post linking to anyone who chose to join me in writing a 3 month update post. I am giving everyone a few more days and then I’ll get that post up on Friday. So if you have already written a 3 month update post, will be writing one before Friday, or know someone who has written one then be sure and leave a comment on this post with the link so I can get it included.

2. As you know, I’m a proud member of the best guild ever, The Snark Side, and today I wrote a post for the guild blog which you can find here on the one and only (and always entertaining)

And as promised, here’s a bonus screenshot: this is me our first time in Karaggas Palace and as a new hardcore raider you can see I’m really trying hard to impress my guild by showing off my floor-tanking skills. Seriously, it’s a good thing I’ve already wormed my way into their hearts because I’m afraid I wouldn’t make the cut if I applied as a raider.

Fashion Update: Let Them Wear Pants

Thanks to my wonderful guildie Njessi and her craftiness, I have temporarily shed the skirt/dress/lower robe and I’m actually wearing pants. Err.. well the item is still called a lower robe but that’s just a technicality. The only minor problem is that on my skinny ass type 1 body, the crotchal area of the pants look a tad bit weird (bunched up) so I changed my shirt out for this cape thing with a ribbon thing that covers the crotchal area. Yes, I do have a way with words. Thanks for noticing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to have someone be completely happy with their wardrobe, so the ribbon thing that covers my crotch has to create it’s own problem by turning all sideways when I’m in my fighting stance and looking like some weird, twisted third leg that doesn’t quite touch the ground. But, what can you do? Now that I’m getting some more raiding time in this weekend, I’ll likely be updating my gear soon anyway. Until then, I’m pretty happy with this outfit considering the alternatives. And besides, it’s special simply because it was made for me by a friend and she didn’t even make me pay for it. Yep, my guild is THAT awesome.

Now That The Game Is 3 Months Old…

This post is going to be me telling you how I feel about the game now that we’re a solid 3 months in and what changes I have made with my character, or play style, or whatever. But first, I would like to propose the title of this post become a community blog topic for anyone who’s interested. I would love to read about what the past 3 months have meant to you and what has changed or remained the same regarding your main toon, the amount of time you play, etc. So let’s make this a thing. Everyone do a 3 month update post. It’ll be awesome.

The past 3 months for me has been amazing. I am totally in love with this game. My guild is getting ready to go into it’s 4th week of raiding and even though I purposely avoided raiding in WoW, I am so glad I made the choice to participate here. Of course, let’s be honest, I’m surrounded by the most amazing people. I’m pretty damn sure I wouldn’t be having so much fun raiding if I weren’t in the guild I’m in. The main reason I never committed to it before is because giving up my weekend nights to sit at the computer always made me feel like I was missing a chance at a social life. But when you’re doing it with some of your bestest friends, it doesn’t feel like that at all. I find myself looking forward to the weekend raids. And I still go out and do stuff, I just make sure I am done by early evening so I can be home on time to spend the rest of the night with a great group of people.

I’m also very happy to report that my main is still Kristalys. In the months leading up to game release I had studied all the races and classes and narrowed down what I thought I’d enjoy the most and I am totally in love with the choice I made. Kristalys was the first character I rolled and she is still in the same role and spec as she has been from the beginning. Now I did redo her skill tree once because I didn’t necessarily make the right choices the first time through, but other than that there’s been no changes to her. I know quite a few people who changed their minds after rolling some alts and trying new things, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I actually haven’t done much with alts yet, so I suppose it could still happen to me. But at this point, as much as Kristalys and I have been through and the fact that I have began my raiding career with her, I don’t see her being pushed aside anytime soon.

So has anything changed for me since launch? Yes, I have changed my crew skills. I started out with 3 gathering skills: slicing, treasure hunting and archaeology. Then a couple of weeks ago I got rid of archaeology and picked up bioanalysis in it’s place in an effort to help provide some biochem materials to the people who were trying to supply everyone with stims and medpacs for raids. But then this week, I realized it might just be easier if I could help make the stims and medpacs instead of having to ask what materials they needed all the time. So I dropped treasure hunting and picked up biochem. I know a lot of people who think slicing got nerfed so much it’s not really worth it but I’m just so used to the slicing nodes out in the world it would make me sad to walk by a roadside pc or footlocker and not be able to get some money out of it.

Alright, that’s it for me. Kind of boring because not much has changed for me. I’m on the same server, in the same guild, playing the same character. But what about you? I know some of you have some more exciting stories than mine. Let me hear about it. Write your own “Now That The Game Is 3 Months Old…” post and leave a comment here if you do. Next week I’ll round them all up in a link love post here on this site.

In closing, here’s some pics of how Kristalys has changed (obviously clothes only) over the months:

This Right Here Is Pure Win

I’m bragging. I’m rubbing this in your faces. I have a customized character icon created by @DiscoPriest from Space Cadets. Kristalys in cartoon form kicks ass. I was lucky enough to win this in an avatar give-away contest held by the Space Cadets website. And I’m very proud of it. Disco, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to create such awesomeness. It’s now my new twitter icon and will soon be used as my avatar in other places.

So Here’s What Happened….

… I hit level 50 and it somehow sucked the blogging right out of me.


The story-telling, leveling process is very cool in SWTOR and with everything being a new experience, I had plenty of stuff to write about while leveling. Now that I’m 50 … I am still having a total blast and the game is still very cool. I just, for whatever reason, haven’t had a lot to say. I blame this on several game related things and several non-game related things.

Let’s start with the non-game related things.

      • Overtime at work: money = good, mental exhaustion = less SWTOR. Also, for years now I’ve done the majority of my blogging at work and when work is behind & I don’t have time to write posts, I don’t make the time to write them at home. It’s just too much of a routine to write them at work.
      • High School Basketball season: I love watching sports live, I love my friends, I love watching my friend’s kid play sports live. Especially when she’s the star bball player averaging 26 points a game her senior year. Add to that I decided to become her official photographer for the season and I spent a lot of time driving all over the state watching basketball games these past few months. March Madness baby, it’s a real thing. Also, my twin nephews just spent 6 weeks playing in an indoor soccer league and I went to those games too
      • The winter blues: they cannot be escaped.
      • There are too many games: I still play WoW a bit, I play Xbox games (bought Skyrim this weekend but haven’t started it yet), I have about 18 games through Steam … there are too many games. And Guild Wars 2 is coming. And Diablo 3 beta is coming. WTB moar time.

Now the game related things.

    • I have managed to overwhelm myself with screenshots and it just seems too daunting to sit down and weed some out for editing. Also, I’m still genuinely worried about posting something that may be a spoiler for someone since the game is so new.
    • I’m not gonna lie, I miss achievements. SWTOR does have the codex system that pops up text when you discover new lore/creatures/etc. And I am obsessed with trying to complete my codex. But it’s not the same as achievements. It’s not exciting for me to write a post “Hey you guys, I just found a Wampa” because everyone who goes to Hoth will find a Wampa. BFD. If we had an achievement system similar to WoW then I’d be more excited and could post things like “Hey you guys, I just finished questing in Hoth and got the ‘Didn’t Have To Sleep In A TaunTaun’ achievement”.
    • When I’m logged in, I am so worried about doing dailies to gain raiding gear and farming slicing nodes to gain credits that I don’t spend any time on my alts. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my dailies, but there’s just nothing new to talk about there, whereas working on an alt would give me a whole new cool storyline to post about.
    • I am not a raiding expert. Or an expert on anything for that matter. I’ve never been one who could theorycraft, crunch numbers while analyzing my dps, remember every detail of every wipe or kill we experienced 2 nights ago, etc. My posts are fluffy. I am aware of it. And fluffy posts are not a necessity in this world, so I’ve found myself putting blogging on the back burner in favor of other things. The problem is, I really enjoy blogging and it frustrates me that I am not posting at least twice a week. I’d actually prefer 3 or 4 posts a week. Sigh.

Okay, I’ll stop there. That’s enough QQ’ing for one day. Although I’m really not QQ’ing so much as just trying to offer an explanation for why things are the way they are. The bright side is, basketball & soccer are over, work has (temporarily) slowed down, I’ve spent a little bit of time on my Trooper alt the past few days, and I’m starting to shed the winter blues. I’m hopeful that means things around here will become a bit more lively again. Except this coming weekend I’m going out of town to booze it up and spend lots of money at the casino so don’t expect much out of me until I recover. Unless I win big, in which case I could quit my job and become a full-time blogger. I’ll keep you posted.

Nice Try, But You Can’t Fool Me

At first, they fooled me. The first time I ever encountered a slicing node it was on Coruscant and even though it appeared on my mini-map, I could not figure out how to actually gather it. The cursor didn’t change when I hovered over it and it wasn’t clickable at all. I assumed I was doing it wrong or maybe it was too high level for me. After this happened a few more times, I googled it and realized some of the nodes in-game were buggy. By the time I was finished on Coruscant, I was a slicing machine and I learned to watch for the nodes to appear tucked away in corners on the city streets.

Next I went to Taris and quickly realized that footlockers and hyperterminals didn’t always show up tucked away next to buildings and doorways. In fact, they could be sitting behind trees and rocks. As I kept advancing through planets I soon discovered all sort of computers seem to have been randomly abandoned right next to the roadside. All very tricky, but I didn’t fall for the trickery. I kept right on slicing and acquiring money.

But now I see the nodes are trying even harder. THE JOKE’S ON YOU, ICE-COVERED FLOATING COMPUTER. I JUST STOLE ALL YOUR MONEY.

p.s. why do computers contain money?