Big News! I Did NOT Hit Level 50

Today is Tuesday,  just in case you didn’t know, which means yesterday was Monday. Logic. I haz it.  Normally I try to put up a post every Monday as a way of officially returning to the weekly business of being a blogger. I rarely plan my posts in advance (and it shows) but towards the end of last week as I made good progress in my leveling, I did begin to put together a plan for what I wanted to post yesterday. By the time I had logged off Wednesday night, I had hit level 46 and since I had a 3 day weekend ahead of me I was convinced I would make it to 50 before the weekend was out.

Unfortunately, by Saturday evening I had ran out of rested xp and leveling was going pretty slow. I was almost through level 48 at that time. So I parked Kristalys in a cantina and logged off for the night. Sunday morning I started in again and did make into level 49 but then ran out of rested xp again. I tried to keep going, but it just was not worth it. I parked her again and haven’t logged back into her yet. I’m disappointed but at the same time, I’m excited to be so close and I know I’ll hit 50 the next time I get a chance to login and spend some time with her. Which should be tomorrow night.

In the meantime, I decided I’d spend some time working on the Trooper alt I am going to be leveling up as a healer. The last time I had played her I had just completed the quests on Ord Mantell and had gotten my first companion and was told to move on and venture into the rest of the world. So when I logged in on her this weekend, the first thing I needed to do was go the fleet. As soon as I got there, I got the pop-up that I could choose a free customization package for Aric Jorgan. Because red is my favorite color, I chose the Urban customization package. You can imagine my surprise when I opened it and slapped it on him only to discover that his pants were blue and not red. Yep, somehow the customization got screwed up. I received the Urban jacket and Urban boots but got the Scout pants instead of the Urban pants. I realize it’s not a huge deal, technically, but it just looks so damn tacky. I guess I’m going to open a ticket on it and see if they can get me the right pair of pants. I’ve not heard good things about customer support, so I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with CS so far, though I have only had to deal with them a couple of times. I got the same setup as you on my two most recent troopers, so it’s either intended (not super likely) or a definite bug. Whether or not people have bothered to report it is another matter. I didn’t, but then again I didn’t bother looking to see what he got, I just opened his bag and tossed the gear on him before going on my way.

  2. Given the distinct names of the items that come in that first pack of companion you gear you receive upon your first visit to Fleet, I have to assume that this is bugged. It also happened to me on my trooper, and I did open a ticket. Sadly, my experience with CS has been the exact opposite of Psynister’s, as my trooper’s ticket was closed with zero response from CS and several other tickets on my other characters have either gone ignored or gotten form responses that have little to nothing to do with my original ticket.

    The good news is that you’ll get some replacement gear for Aric pretty quickly on Coruscant. I’ve only leveled my trooper up to 17 so far, and I already have Aric back in reasonably matching gear from mission rewards.

  3. This happened to me on Qyzen for my Consular too. My ticket wasn’t even responded to before I outgrew the equipment anyway, unfortunately. Responses have been much quicker for me lately, but I’m really only filing bug reports.

  4. Hehehe, given my hatred for Jorgan, I could care less what he wears. Heck, my Trooper is 35 and I haven’t gotten a single piece of gear for Jorgan since I got Elara Dorne. I roll with Dorne 99.8% of the time (the other .2% is Forex) and keep her gear in line with my own. Problem is, as a result of doing so, she looks like a festive Christmas tree (green boots, gray pants, blue chestpiece, red helmet). I figure I’ll standardize her later on, when gear is a bit easier to come by.

  5. yay for being so close to 50! Sorry that it got painful without the rested! At least you can finish it up next time!

    Also sorry about the pants.. I love red too! So I would have been quite disappointed. That is a very odd combination there. I hope you can get it worked out!

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