There Are 3 Things About This Screenshot You Should Know…

1. Qyzen Fess looks awesome wearing a cool heavy armor cape and sporting the Qyzen Customization 1 kit sold at the security key vendor for 12k credits. It not only gives him yellow skin, it gives him his right eye back. BONUS!

2. I think I’ve found an outfit I’m happy with and will likely keep for a long time. The gloves have the same bluish color on them that matches the shirt and then everything has the brown that ties in with the skirt. There’s no stupid hoods covering my face or weird neck-roll collars. I like it. I LOOK GOOD DAMMIT!

3. Ambassador Jennik has a huge bubble ass and is apparently busy trying to admire it.

click to embiggen

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  1. Even men get self-conscious about the size of their ass! :O

  2. It doesn’t help that he’s wearing the American Flag on it. >> Or a decent facsimile thereof.

  3. Dude, Qyzen is like, a SPACE KNIGHT. Like the kind that kings send into battle on white steeds. To fight dragons. Except he’s kind of like, a humanoid dragon too. Betcha he’s feeling confused, even if he does look rather dashing.

    Kris also looks rather fabulous! And… well. If I were that gentleman, I’d be alarmed about my butt, too.

  4. Yeah, I love the way Qyzen looks now but when I told my guildies I bought him the customization and he now has his right eye back, they were all concerned how it might confuse him. He did tell me the sad story of how he went blind in his right eye back when I was first leveling him up and now it’s suddenly fixed. Of course, he should probably worry more about the fact that his skin just changed color. Lol.

  5. Lol. Good point. He did tell me he was molting.

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