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My Hippie Ways, I Cannot Lose Them

When I first rolled Kristalys I had a 4 year history of being an herbalist on almost every character I ever played in World of Warcraft, so with all of the shiny new crew skills available to me in SWTOR I decided I would NOT pick flowers. I chose archaeology, slicing and treasure hunting (no crafting because I’m greedy and wanted to make money off selling mats). Cut to a little over 2 months later and yesterday I found myself dropping my maxed out archaeology and picking up bioanalysis. Then I spent the rest of the day leveling it up and revisiting all the lowbie planets to farm some flowers.

Why did I succumb to my old ways? Because my guild is getting ready to begin our raiding schedule and the couple of people who have been leveling up biochem are graciously trying their best to provide us with all the stims, medpacs, etc. we may need. And I hear tell some of the mats are expensive. Since I wasn’t doing anything useful with my 3 gathering skills other than just making money for myself, I decided I would be the perfect candidate to help supply red goo for the good of the guild. Besides, I’m a completionist and had already wanted to revisit all the planets to try and complete my codex.

So I’m back to picking flowers and I gotta admit, I’m fine with it. Although now I’m not really sure why I decided this qualified as something important enough to post about. Seemed like a good idea when I wrote the title. Actually, I probably should have just stopped there. A post title and a picture of a hippie. In fact, just go ahead and pretend that’s all that’s here. Ignore the rest of this.

Oh, and if you happen to be on my server please send me all your red goo. kthxbai

Pretty In Pink: SWTOR Edition

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere here before (too lazy to look it up though) but I have a history of being very greedy in games and trying to amass as much money as possible. I really don’t know how this developed. I mean, I love to amass money in real life too, but in video games I collect it and then don’t want to spend it, whereas in real life I spend it all the time on all the things. I would be so much better off if I could switch those two things around; but I digress.

Point is, I logged in the other day and smiled to myself to notice I had finally topped the 1 million credits mark. Then it hit me – I could actually afford to buy the highly sought after (and extremely highly priced) Magenta color crystal for my lightsaber and I could even justify it as a necessary purchase on my road to raid readiness due to the fact it would increase the crit on my weapon by +17. Yay for me!

I was already parked in front of the GTN kiosk selling some of my archaeology materials, so I quickly did a search and purchased one for $395k credits. It did hurt just a bit to let that much money go, but I still had over 700k left and WHO CARES I HAVE A PRETTY PINK LIGHTSABER! Yay for spending money!

Adventures In Datacrons: Balloon Dance Party

Datacrons are always an adventure but as I’m sure most of you know, there are two in Tatooine that require a lot of time and a lot of timing. I’m talking, of course, about the 2 datacrons on the sandcrawler in the desert that you can only get to by taking a 30 minute (approximately) balloon ride and then jumping just right. I had been in Tatooine several days before I decided to try my luck at them. I spotted the balloon slowly making it’s way to the spot where you have to board it, so I followed it at a leisurely pace and managed to be at the sandcrawler when the people who were currently onboard the balloon tried to make the jump. There were 2 of them and sadly neither one made it.

Seeing how easy it was to fail after spending all that time just chilling out on a balloon ride made me a little nervous. But I went ahead and made my way over to the beginning spot and boarded when I had the chance. There were 3 others waiting with me, one of whom was one of the poor fools I had just watched fall. But he seemed to be in good spirits and during our 30 minute ride we held a 28 minute dance party and chatted each other up.

Finally we arrived at the sandcrawler and 3 out of the 4 of us made the jump successfully. I am sad to report the one guy who had missed the first time, also missed the second time. If I were him I would have ragequit for the night and thrown my monitor through a window, but I’m not sure what he did.

It was epic, it was fun, it was nerve-wracking, it was totally worth it. I know a lot of people have no desire to ride a balloon through the desert for 30 minutes, but I had a blast. I recommend you all go get these two. But be very careful when jumping.

Monday Already?

I’m in Ilum. And while it’s not as white and barren as Hoth, it still makes me cold. I’m hoping to get started doing dailies and running flashpoints this week. Real life is draining me right now and we have just started overtime at work beginning today, but I do believe things will begin getting back to normal around here real soon. I apologize for the bit of dust that’s collected here recently, but I know you all know how sometimes these things just happen.

In the meantime, let me point out that I have added a new link to the blogroll over there on the right sidebar. It’s Tanking The Old Republic and was recently brought to my attention. I am still getting hits and comments on my Link Love – Spreading the SWTOR post from last month and I’m glad to see that post ended up being very helpful.

Oh Hey, A New Post

I apologize for the sudden slow-down here guys. I chalk it up to an odd combination of being suddenly busy at work combined with having the lazy winter blues. Honestly I don’t even have any post ideas in my head at the moment. So instead I give you – random screenshots! Lucky you.

I loved, loved, loved all the neon lights in Nar Shaddaa

A wookiee playing percussion – is there anything cooler?

Inside an ice cave on Hoth

ZOMG, it’s Yoda. Except it’s really not him. But it’s totally Yoda.

Scene from Voss, one of my favorite planets

My level 50 speeder

Kristalys kicking ass and taking names

Ding! My First Level 50 Character

Yep, it finally happened. After all the anticipation and getting delayed over the weekend to wait on rested xp, I finally got some steady playing time in yesterday evening and hit level 50 with Kristalys. I’ve barely scratched the surface of questing in Corellia and I haven’t yet finished my class story, so dinging was a bit more anti-climatic than I expected. I’m just carrying on doing the same thing I’ve been doing this whole time. I think when I’ve finally opened up the dailies and finished my class story it will feel more like I’m at end game. Hopefully I can get that accomplished fairly quickly.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m very excited. I whooped and hollered out loud when I saw the notification pop-up and luckily I reacted quickly enough to grab a screenshot. I’m looking forward to raiding and I’m anxious to start grinding for gear and all that other good stuff. Mostly I’m relieved that I can now relax and work on enjoying the game a bit more. I was really focused so much on just getting to 50 that I started skipping bonus quests and heroics and not even exploring all areas of some planets. Once I get a good grasp of what I need to keep myself raid-ready, I will start working more on my alts and taking Kristalys back through the places I rushed and work on completing more things.

Big News! I Did NOT Hit Level 50

Today is Tuesday,  just in case you didn’t know, which means yesterday was Monday. Logic. I haz it.  Normally I try to put up a post every Monday as a way of officially returning to the weekly business of being a blogger. I rarely plan my posts in advance (and it shows) but towards the end of last week as I made good progress in my leveling, I did begin to put together a plan for what I wanted to post yesterday. By the time I had logged off Wednesday night, I had hit level 46 and since I had a 3 day weekend ahead of me I was convinced I would make it to 50 before the weekend was out.

Unfortunately, by Saturday evening I had ran out of rested xp and leveling was going pretty slow. I was almost through level 48 at that time. So I parked Kristalys in a cantina and logged off for the night. Sunday morning I started in again and did make into level 49 but then ran out of rested xp again. I tried to keep going, but it just was not worth it. I parked her again and haven’t logged back into her yet. I’m disappointed but at the same time, I’m excited to be so close and I know I’ll hit 50 the next time I get a chance to login and spend some time with her. Which should be tomorrow night.

In the meantime, I decided I’d spend some time working on the Trooper alt I am going to be leveling up as a healer. The last time I had played her I had just completed the quests on Ord Mantell and had gotten my first companion and was told to move on and venture into the rest of the world. So when I logged in on her this weekend, the first thing I needed to do was go the fleet. As soon as I got there, I got the pop-up that I could choose a free customization package for Aric Jorgan. Because red is my favorite color, I chose the Urban customization package. You can imagine my surprise when I opened it and slapped it on him only to discover that his pants were blue and not red. Yep, somehow the customization got screwed up. I received the Urban jacket and Urban boots but got the Scout pants instead of the Urban pants. I realize it’s not a huge deal, technically, but it just looks so damn tacky. I guess I’m going to open a ticket on it and see if they can get me the right pair of pants. I’ve not heard good things about customer support, so I will let you know how it goes.

There Are 3 Things About This Screenshot You Should Know…

1. Qyzen Fess looks awesome wearing a cool heavy armor cape and sporting the Qyzen Customization 1 kit sold at the security key vendor for 12k credits. It not only gives him yellow skin, it gives him his right eye back. BONUS!

2. I think I’ve found an outfit I’m happy with and will likely keep for a long time. The gloves have the same bluish color on them that matches the shirt and then everything has the brown that ties in with the skirt. There’s no stupid hoods covering my face or weird neck-roll collars. I like it. I LOOK GOOD DAMMIT!

3. Ambassador Jennik has a huge bubble ass and is apparently busy trying to admire it.

click to embiggen