Making A Game Of My Morality: The Lightside/Darkside Gamble

During beta, I played a Sith Inquisitor so that I wouldn’t spoil the Jedi Consular story for myself. I had a total blast running around being a snarky asshole in every cut scene conversation. But then I got to a quest where I thought I was being a bad guy by letting the offer of money win me over and instead was awarded 150 lightside points. WTF? So I asked about it in general chat and a few people responded back to me. People were laughing at me that I was surprised by receiving lightside points. That’s when I first learned that you can actually choose to see what the alignment gain would be from each of your possible answers. There’s actually two different settings pertaining to this very thing that can be found under your Preferences / User Interface menu.

By default, it is set to the second option in the list – Show Conversation Alignment Gain On Mouseover. Obviously, this means that if you hover your cursor over each of the possible answers, it will indicate whether the answer gives lightside or darkside points. Choosing the third option on the list, Show Conversation Alignment Gain, will result in a little icon indicating lightside or darkside appearing next to each answer without having to hover over them. If you are interested in knowing how your answer will affect you, this third option is probably going to be the most useful as it will save you some time. Even though mine was obviously on the default second option, I had been choosing my answers by actually hitting the corresponding number key on my keyboard and had simply never hovered over an answer to even notice it would tell me.

When I created Kristalys and first began leveling her up, I made the decision to turn off all conversation hints about lightside / darkside choices and just take a gamble that I could make the right choices on my own. She’s now over 3/4 of the way through level 28 and every cut scene answer she’s ever made has been straight gut instinct from me to try and keep her as lightsided as possible. Part of the reason I decided to level her this way is just the pure adrenaline of it all. It’s kind of fun learning whether the decision you just made was a good decision or not. An added bonus is it really helps me connect to my character and forces me to focus on the story and pay attention to the conversations. I was taken completely by surprise back in beta when I accidentally gained my little bad ass Sith Inquisitor a whole heaping pile of lightside points and I have likewise been surprised to score a few darkside points with Kristalys. Of course, after hearing some of my guildies discuss alignment choices in their cut scenes I am fairly certain there are some instances where every answer is a darkside answer and if you’re lucky you’ll pick the one with the smallest amount of darkside points. As it stands currently, I am doing a pretty darn good job of picking the best options. Here’s what my current alignment looks like.

So what are you guys doing with your character’s morality? Are you using the conversation preferences so that you can always see which choice you should make? Or are you taking a gamble and having fun with the experience like I am? I am also curious to know if you are playing a Republic character but going for darkside points, or an Empire character who’s a good guy. I do understand how the fact that there is lightside / darkside requirements on specific gear could influence how you play your main character. But I would really recommend after you level up, you roll a little alt and turn off those alignment preferences just to see how fun it can be to go through it blindly. I’m having a blast.

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  1. Love this article! I’m a BH who picks the most money, no matter the outcome. Sometimes I kill people, sometimes I let them go, it all depends on which choice I think will get me paid more.

    I have found, using this method, that I have more light side points than dark side, but that’s because I’m a softie and tend to let people go if they have families lol.

    Kind of related, I put up a blog recently that compares SWTOR with real life choices, within a bigger article about the overall real life vs SWTOR theme, which you can check out here

  2. It blew my mind that you didn’t want a preview. I’m one of those people who hates surprises, though. If I could show companion affection gains before making choices, I totally would!

    • Surprises help to keep me on my toes. Lol. I don’t know if I’d enjoy the storyline of the game so much if the outcome was displayed for me. But I really can see how it would be beneficial to make sure you reach the alignment you desire for gear, etc.

  3. I activated it right from the start because I wanted to level up that light-side-tier thing so I didn’t miss any object with requirements, but I’m not sure how it’ll play in the end. Probably my next toon won’t have it.

  4. I turned mine on as well for this first character. I know in KOTR 2, I made some choice that I would have thought would be light side, but when my character actually talked it seemed the exact opposite of what I had selected. I figure I’ll play this one all light and then turn off all the options for my next one and see how it goes.

  5. My main is a Sniper (Empire) but I find it difficult to take the Darkside choices, as a result I only have 250 DS points (and none of those for killing). I have often lied to my superiors about killing someone, you don’t get DS points for lying it seems. You do have to wonder why the Empire does not just have the Lightside vendor killed though (as an example to others).

  6. From a Smugglers perspective, I think it would gut the experience for me if I knew the “Light Side/Dark Side” breakdown of the choices I make. I love playing the “I’m only out for myself” character as a sort of fantasy (though, in true Solo-esque fashion, I am of course drawn towards helping a worthy cause). The LS/DS points serve as a reflection of what I’ve done rather than another set of points/commendations/credits to be amassed. I short, I applaud your approach (especially because I think it’s harder to do as a Jedi).

  7. I like the way you think. 😛

  8. Kris, I’m doing the same thing with both my main characters. I’m playing them the way I want to, and kind of seeing what happens. Of course, the way I want to is pretty by-the-book as my smuggler is a gold-hearted rogue (more light side than dark side, but with a fair amount of dark as well) and my consular is a standard consular – I’ve chosen dark side three times, twice because I thought it was the best choice, and once because I thought she might actually get enraged by the anti-alien rhetoric of the guy she proceeded to execute (she is not human). Even jedi slip sometimes…

    So yeah, I’m enjoying playing it as a character, rather than as a numbers game.

  9. Hey yes and girls, on this topic… Is there a neutral vendor for people like me, that seem to gain a lot of both dark side and light side points?

    I am still not even level two in either direction, and I’m level 28 on my BH!

    • Right now the rewards are nonexistent for people who are gray. However, BW has said they’re going to put in rewards for gray toons in a future patch. So the true min/maxers for now are simply picking a path and going all the way with it.

  10. Njessi is right, nothing now but will be one day.

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