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Adventures In Lightsabers

Since the game officially launched 10 days ago, I’m going to assume that anyone who may be reading this blog and interested in playing SWTOR has probably already started. Which means I can begin slowly posting things here that I would have considered spoilers a couple of weeks ago. And today, I’m kicking that off by talking about experiencing the moment I got my lightsaber on both my Jedi Consular and my Sith Inquisitor. Both characters received a lightsaber at around level 9 – 10, but the experiences were vastly different.

Let’s start with Kristalys. As she is my main character, I am heavily invested into her storyline and become really excited over the smallest of things. Working my way through the starting planet of Tython, I eventually stumbled into a questline where I began hearing a bit about lightsabers. Soon I was told I needed to journey to the old lightsaber forge for a quest. Somewhere around the same time, I was sent into a cave to extract some sort of crystal. Basically, the story built up the anticipation for my lightsaber. It was being hinted about as my levels increased and I knew it was coming soon. Eventually I made my way to the forge and a really cool cut scene started that played out my lightsaber being created. You can see from the following screenshots, it was a pretty epic experience.

Cut to me leveling my Sith Inquisitor. While I am having fun because I can be a sarcastic asshole to everyone, the way in which Regan gains her lightsaber was completely boring. There was no mention of a lightsaber at all while questing. No little hints about creating one or missions to gather materials. In fact, the whole thing happened suddenly and was very anti-climatic. Basically, I completed some menial task and returned to the Sith Academy to speak with Lord Zash. She told me she was traveling soon to Drommond Kaas and that I should meet her there when I get the chance. And then the next thing I know, she’s tossing me a lightsaber through the air over her desk and saying “this is the lightsaber I had as an apprentice. I want you to have it”. I catch it, light it up and then go on about my business. YAWN!

The lightsaber is a big deal to me; I wanted to play characters that carry one. The Jedi experience was amazing, the Sith experience was disappointing. I wonder why they were so different.

Day 14: Level 25 and A Shiny New License to Fly

Yesterday I finally hit 25 and got to take my Longspur STAP Hoverbike out for a spin. Of course that was after I ran all over the place trying to figure out where to train and then dishing out a cool 40k credits for the privilege of doing so. By the way, you train for piloting speeders at your normal class trainer. If you need to buy a speeder, you will have to find a speeder vendor. I’ve heard they’re available on most planets and I know that Tatooine is a popular place to purchase speeders, but they are also available back at the fleet if you wanna use your Emergency Fleet Pass and get one as soon as possible.

I happened to be on Nar Shaddaa at the time and my class trainer was conveniently located next to a cargo hold, so I was able to train the ability and then walk like 20 steps over and grab my hoverbike out of storage. And even though I had been sporting the title “the Uncompromising” behind my name, I thought now would be a good time to change it. Of course, unless you click on the pictures to see the larger version, you won’t notice how fitting my newly displayed title is.

Temporarily Out Of Office

I actually meant to post this last Friday, but I got behind on my Christmas preparations and got completely distracted. I just wanted to let you know that there’s a slight lull here which can be directly blamed on the holiday season and the fact that my family all lives out of town. I haven’t been able to play the game for a couple of days, and I certainly haven’t had any time to write anything. But most of the busy stuff is behind me now and I’m hoping to return to a normal routine this week. Real posting will resume here soon.

1 Week In And My Companion’s Getting Lazy

So far I have been really good at gaining affection points with my main (at this point) companion Qyzen Fess. I have figured out what companion gifts he prefers and I have learned how he likes the quest dialogue to go so I can gain points with him that way. Every once in a while I’ll get the -1 of shame from him (he doesn’t like me asking for more details about the quest… I guess it wastes his time?), but for the most part we get along just fine and dandy. Until last night when he began showing me a bit of attitude. I first noticed there may be a problem when he started walking slowly behind me instead of running along at the same speed as me. I mean, he was really dragging ass. There were times I would turn around and he’d just be barely be in view. And even though he could see me having to stop and wait for him, he never sped up at all. Just stared me right in the eye as he slowly shuffled towards me.

Then it got to where when I attacked a mob, he would just stand there and watch for a good 10 seconds before finally deciding maybe he’d help me fight. I started out thinking maybe he was just having an off day. Could be he’s just overly tired. I mean, we do spend every night in a cantina; too much drinking and dancing is bound to make anyone sluggish. But then, when I found an archaeology node and asked him to retrieve it for me, I realized he wasn’t just tired… he’s being downright lazy. I ran down a small hill to stand by the crystals and he stayed at the top of the hill and tried to scan the node from there. It didn’t work, he was too far away. But did he move closer? NO. He stood in the same damn spot and just tried to scan it again. And again. And again. I was beginning to think I was going to have to actually bend down and get that shit myself. Not wanting things to get to such drastic measures, I moved past the node, hoping he would move forward with me because he normally likes to be near me. Nope. Lazy bastard didn’t budge. So I move WAAAY forward. Guess who’s still standing at the top of that same damn hill just continuously scanning and being unsuccessful? Yep, my good buddy Qyzen. I got so frustrated, I sent him away on a treasure hunting mission and finally picked up the damn crystal myself.

Cut to 30 minutes later. He seemed to come back from his treasure hunting mission in a much better mood. He was keeping up with me as we made our way around Taris and he was more energetic when helping me fight. So imagine my chagrin when I came across another archaeology node hidden behind a wall and went gleefully running up to it and asked him to hoist it off the ground for me, only to realize he wasn’t standing anywhere near me. And this time he wasn’t even trying to pretend he was interested in scanning the node for me. I sure hope he gets a full night’s rest tonight because if we have this type of communication problem tomorrow, I’m taking him back to the ship and exiling him to his cabin. That boy will be so grounded.

Things I Have Learned So You Don’t Have To

With the official launch date happening tomorrow, there’s going to be another whole batch of total noobs in the game, just like there has been during the Early Access period. I thought I would try and be helpful by sharing some of the things I have learned during the past several days. I have had moments of total derpiness and I’ve had moments of wonder as something new was discovered. Hopefully, I can save you guys some heartache by listing stuff here.

Let’s start off with a huge derp moment and get it out of the way – your mini map can be zoomed out so that you can see your gathering nodes easier. The gathering nodes appear on your mini map as asterisk/star-type shapes. It’s also easier to navigate if you can see more of the area. Don’t be silly like me and spend several days being zoomed all the way in.

Speaking of gathering nodes, some of them are currently bugged and are not clickable. When you mouse over an item that is normally available for archaeology or slicing or whatever, the cursor should change and you should be able to right-click the item. If the cursor doesn’t change and the item isn’t clickable, it’s a bugged node. You didn’t do anything wrong, just move on to the next one.

If you are in a guild, there is a problem with the guild roster not showing you everyone who is online. To fix it, hit ctrl+u twice in a row.

You do have the ability to move the chat panel. Just left-click on the “General” tab at the top and drag it to where you want it to go. You can also right-click the chat panel and choose a different font size, among other things.

You can jump/fall/walk off the edge of everything in Coruscant (and I would assume other similar type terrains). There is not an invisible wall that keeps you safe. You will fall and you will die.

If you right-click on an enemy target, whatever ability you have in the first slot of your action bar will be automatically performed. If you left-click on a target, this does not happen.

Before logging out you should park yourself in a Cantina, as those are the official rest areas.

You should bind with every QuickTravel point you come across. These function similar to hearthstones and have a 30 minute cool down. The difference is you can choose to go to any of them you have already clicked on instead of just picking one as your home turf.

After you’ve visited the Republic or Imperial Fleet for the first time (around level 10), you will then have an Emergency Fleet Pass available to you as a way of getting back to the fleet. You can find your Emergency Fleet Pass listed in your abilities under the “General” tab. I have no idea what the cool down on the fleet pass is. I’ve heard some say it’s an 18 hour cool down, but I have not yet used mine to confirm.

If you find yourself unable to move you can try to get unstuck with the /stuck command. I have used it successfully, but it won’t always work. If it doesn’t work for you, you may need to use your QuickTravel.

You can repair at any vendor by clicking the “repair all” button at the bottom left of the vendor’s open screen.
Once you pick your advanced class, every time you visit your trainer there will be a separate tab at the bottom you have to click on to show the current advanced class skill available for learning.

If you’re looking for the Guild Recruitment guy, the first one I found is at the Republic (or Imperial) Fleet and he’s located in the area where your skills trainer is located.

In the guild screen, there is a button towards the top right that says “details” and if you click on it you will see an extra note area where you can put whatever info you want displayed about you. Each individual persons note bar has a drop down menu so you can switch between public note, officer note, etc.

While you’re at the fleet, near the Cantina area, there will be cargo hold boxes that will change the cursor into a key icon when you hover over it. These are what you use as your bank.

Okay, I think I’ve covered all of the stuff that I had questions about during my first few days of game play. As the game and the community grows, there will soon be information specific to where to find missions and how to complete missions, etc. Until that time, we’re just gonna have to rely on each other and share the wealth.

Time For Some SWTOR Screenshots. No Spoilers.

I am a screenshot addict, so naturally I already have a folder of images I’ve taken during my time in game this week. There are so many I want to post and talk about, but I am still trying to be very aware of not giving away any spoilers for people who haven’t yet had a chance to experience stuff for themselves. Which means I gotta be careful for several more weeks. But in the meantime, I decided that as long as I didn’t mention names, locations, events, or anything at all, I could share some of the generic cut scene images I have. Just to give you guys a feel for how the cut scenes look and to begin acclimating you to the fact that if you are going to hang around here, you’re going to see a lot of screenshots.

I’m A Jedi Just Lounging Around

I’m not gonna lie … I hate the way I sit. I know part of the reason it looks so stupid is because I’m wearing a “lower robe” that’s all ballooned out there. But I can’t help but wonder how totally un-lady like it might look if I were just wearing pants.

Early Access: Day 1 – I Made It

Yep, I made it in on the first day. I got lucky and was in the last wave of invites for the 13th. I seriously cannot even tell you how excited I was/am about that. As someone who works the graveyard shift, I usually go to bed around 11:00am-ish and get up around 5:30pm-ish. Yesterday morning after work I was so keyed up with anticipation, I stayed up until around noon and then somewhere near that time Bioware announced the 3rd wave of invites had been sent out and only 1 wave remained. I finally decided I was probably not getting my invite in that final wave, so I went to bed. Fast forward 2 1/2 hours later when, on my way back from a trip to the potty, I decide to check my email and realize I had gotten my official invite. So yeah, I have slept 2 1/2 hours out of the past 28 (at time of writing). And it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Obviously I couldn’t just go back to bed once I learned I could log in. I had to get my character created, get my name reserved, etc. Had to. I can catch up on sleep in my later years.

Of course, the problem with being dead tired is it’s hard to focus. And I had a strange combination of dead tired and hyperactivity going. So my body was all wired and jittery but my brain and my eyeballs were pretty slogged down. Point being, I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have liked to on the first day. I spent about 3 hours of actual concentrated game play on my chosen main character and got her about 65% through level 6. In a well-rested state of mind I likely would have been a bit further along. Although in my defense, everything is new and I was mousing over everything and everyone to see what they did. I was reading tool tips that were popping up. I was grabbing every single quest that I came across. I was just soaking it all in. I was happy just to be logged in and standing there. Also, I’m a screenshot addict and I was stopping to take a lot of those. That will be a constant with me, I will always stop to take screenshots.

The plan for today is to go home in a couple of hours and go straight to bed (duh) and then after a good day’s sleep, I will get up and hop right back in there. Day 2 should easily see me with a lightsaber, my 1st companion, crew skills and hopefully my ship. Unless something comes up that pulls me away from the game, that is.

In the meantime, since I don’t want to be responsible for posting spoilers, I thought I’d show you the characters I have created.

This is my main (as far as I know), Kristalys, a Zabrak Jedi Consular:

This is my Twi’lek Smuggler:

This is my Human Jedi Knight:

Here is what Kristalys was wearing at the beginning of level 1:

And here is what she was wearing when I logged out over halfway through level 6:

Finally, this is my first in-game mail which provided me with my special color crystal for pre-ordering my Collector’s Edition: (this is just here to keep it for me for sentimental reasons)

PSA: Chewbacca To Appear On Glee Tomorrow Night

I couldn’t claim to be all about the wookiee if I didn’t feature important news and information about my man, Chewbacca. Turn’s out he’s making a return to the spotlight in the Christmas episode of Glee, airing on the FOX network tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th. Luckily, he will not be singing; but don’t tell him I said that. Apparently the Glee cast is going to be paying homage to both the Star Wars holiday special and the Judy Garland holiday special.

You can read more about it here at

No Grace Period Makes Me Cry

I just read an article where I learned that while I may get into early access even earlier than expected (yes, i registered my pre-order code pretty early), once the official launch date of December 20th get’s here I’m likely screwed and won’t be able to access the game for an undetermined amount of time. Why is that, you ask? Well it’s because I’m a nerd and I chose to buy the Collector’s Edition of the game through Amazon. And now we’re being told that on the 20th we’ll be asked for our official product code and won’t be able to play until it’s entered. According to my Amazon account, my estimated delivery date is in the 2nd week of January.

Now in fairness, let me say that way back when I ordered the CE, I was aware that it wouldn’t be shipped to me before the launch date. It was something I took into account and decided I was fine with. But since then there’s been all this talk about early access and how it could be granted based off of your pre-order code. This meant I could play before receiving the box in the mail and the excitement has been building ever since. So now I can play days earlier than launch based off of that pre-order code, but I can’t play after launch. Way to play with my emotions BioWare. You got me good with this one.

Supposedly BioWare is going to talk to retailers about speeding up delivery or maybe even delivering early, and if that happens I will stop crying and get to playing. But if that doesn’t happen, I really think the early access is going to make me more sad than glad.