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I’m Not Gonna Lie

Staring at my SWTOR Launcher and knowing I can’t use it is really making me sad. Early access cannot get here fast enough for me. In order to help pass the time, I think I’m going to check out some SWTOR podcasts. So if any of you would like to recommend one, that’d be awesome.

So The Final Beta Testing Weekend Just Happened…

… and I finally got a chance to get in there and check this beast out for myself. I had stayed away from SWTOR related stuff after the NDA was recently lifted because I wanted to experience it all firsthand and be a total noob. I can assure you, I was a TOTAL noob. I couldn’t even join my friends in a Flashpoint on Sunday evening because I couldn’t figure out how to get there. I had passed by the instance once, just couldn’t get back to it. The force is apparently not strong with this one. But aside from that, beta was a total blast. I love, love, love this game. I am planning on making my main a Jedi Consular when the game launches for real, so I decided (thanks to some words of wisdom from a friend) to play a Sith Inquisitor during the beta. They’re basically the same role, but now I haven’t spoiled any story lines or anything for my new character. It will all be new and exciting.

I had big plans to write big posts about what I experienced during beta, but the more I leveled up, the more I realized I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone else. So I’ve decided not to post any specific details. I realize I’m flattering myself by pretending more than 4 people will even read this post, but just in case one of those 4 doesn’t want to know too many details, I have decided to keep it pretty generic.

And so I present a copy of the notepad notes I jotted down during game play:

– Love the fact that quests are given by cut scenes with voice actors. I pay more attention, stopped reading quest text in WoW, but listen to every word here.
– Repair is a little weird, it’s a separate tab on a vendor and you have to choose each individual item you want to repair. **edit – found the “repair all” button at bottom of window.
– Unlike the RIFT beta, I am not comparing every little thing to WoW. I’m not worried about what is happening in WoW while playing.
– I do miss the whole hearthstone type thing. I really have no idea where I need to be for resting experience. What is considered my home base? Oh wait, that must be what quick travel is. Too bad I blew my cooldown by just clicking on it to see what it does.
– I do like that items which are used during the quest are on a separate tab in your inventory and not just mixed in with the rest of your random loot.
– My pc is handling it awesomely well. I’ve got my graphics settings turned all the way up and no issues. Woot.
– I don’t know if I missed the explanation somewhere, or if they just didn’t bother explaining it, but I found the ship that transports you up to the Imperial Fleet and from there you can go to another planet. I just don’t know if I’m supposed to go somewhere else now or wait til a quest tells me to.

That was all VERY riveting, yes? Later this week I’ll up the excitement around here even more as I post some generic screenshots I took during the opening video which everyone has already seen as one of the trailers. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Capturing The Predictions Before The Launch

Okay, obviously I suck. Let’s just get that out there. I launched this site back in late September with a post claiming I would update often with Star Wars content as I patiently waited to get my hands on SWTOR. Yep, that never happened. I promise that’s not necessarily a sign of the way things are always going to be around here though. It’s just hard to generate total excitement about something you haven’t seen and can’t be talked about due to the NDA. But all of that is about to change.

For one thing, the NDA was lifted last week so now there is all sorts of information about the beta out there. The other big excitement is that there’s a HUGE beta this coming weekend and I am supposed to be in it. Getting in there and just seeing it with my own eyes will do so much more for me than reading info and trying to imagine it. I originally had plans to be out of town for the holiday weekend, but I have since decided to come back home on Friday night and spend the weekend playing the game. Don’t get too sad for my family, they only live 1 1/2 hours away. I was simply going to stay there because I’m lazy and my mommy would feed me and do my laundry. But SWTOR trumped that. Yay!

Since the beta is so big and so many players are gonna get a chance to form their own opinion and since the actual launch date (and hopefully early access) is just around the corner, I thought it’d be kind of fun to capture some of the current opinions and expectations about the game here. It might be fun to revisit after a couple of months and see whether people were right or wrong with their predictions. So below I am just going to post a few key quotes from some news and reviews from the past week or so as well as a link to the original article. I hope you enjoy.

World of Warcraft could lose between 900,000 and 1.6 million players upon Star Wars: The Old Republic’s December 20th launch.

– found in the post SWTOR Could Gain As Much As 1.6 Million WoW Players on

It definitely learned a few lessons from WoW, and players from that game should feel right at home in the new system. However, since players are leaving WoW in mass-exodus fashion, it might have to step up its game.

– found in the post Star Wars: The Old Republic Ready to Take on World of Warcraft on

…after a two-week hiatus, I find myself a little less in love with the game than I was before, and that feeling has prompted me to compile this list of concerns.

– found in the post Gamespy’s Concerns About Star Wars: The Old Republic on

There’s enough new stuff to interest a hardened MMO player for at least a few months and for the Star Wars enthusiast and new MMO player, there’s real long-term enjoyment to be had here.

– found in the post TOROZ Reviews Star Wars: The Old Republic on

So there you go. That’s some of the recent stuff floating around the interwebz based on limited beta testing. I can’t wait to see how it changes once the game has been rolling at full speed for a while. My plan, when the game actually launches, is to keep a simple journal of my experiences to sorta keep track of leveling and events, etc. If I don’t get lazy with that (which is highly possible) I will start posting excerpts from that here in late December along with just my general ramblings about whatever SWTOR thing I want to talk about. And trust me when I say there will be screenshots. I’m kind of a screenshot nerd. So be prepared to look at lots of crap that I think is pretty. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?