Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Date Has Been Announced

You know you’re a total nerd when you receive a google talk message on your phone in the early morning hours of a Saturday that says “RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED 12/20/11” and even though you’ve just been woken up out of a deep sleep, you know immediately what that message indicates. You sit up, squee with excitement and then reply “man, that’s a long time from now”.

It’s official, the game a lot of us have been waiting for and getting so excited about now has a release date in late December. I’m glad the wondering is over. I’m excited that it’s official. And I’m a bit disappointed because I was hoping it would release earlier than it will. But what can ya do? According to the press release anyone who has pre-ordered the game and entered their pre-order code on will be eligible for early game access. While it’s easy enough to figure out how that will work for anyone who pre-ordered a digital copy of the game, I’m curious to know how early game access will work for people like me who have ordered a physical copy from Amazon or other similar websites.

You can find the official announcement here:

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  1. This was definitely awesome news to wake up to this morning…

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